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  • Exercise on anxiety

    Exercise on anxiety

    The benefits of exercise on anxiety can be life changing, in my case and for many of our clients too. You know, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, fatigue, worry, a lack of focus and becoming
  • not losing weight

    Not Losing Weight

    I'm Not Losing Weight and I Only Drink 2 Shakes A day!
    Binge, restrict, binge, restrict and as a result, not losing weight. Sound familiar? You certainly aren't on your own! Fad diets always
  • Cardio for weight loss

    Cardio for weight Loss?

    I do hours of cardio for weight loss each day!

    No matter how much I do, zero weight loss results.

    Energy Balance

    You can’t out move a poor diet no matter how much cardio for weight loss
  • Healthy pancakes

    Healthy Pancakes

    We often get bored of eating the same breakfasts but haven't the time with work and families and so need easy and quick recipes. Healthy food that takes just minutes to put together is what we
  • Weight loss tips

    Weight Loss Tips

    Weight Loss Tips
    When it comes to fat burning and weight loss tips, it's super important to not waste energy doing the wrong things! Without further ado, here is the fundamentals
  • Tracking calories

    Tracking Calories

    Is tracking calories necessary?
    Tracking calories does make sense, if we're honest. We track petrol before travelling to work and our bank balance before making a retail purchase. But we don't
  • Broken metabolism

    Broken Metabolism

    When anyone refers to a broken metabolism there are few key questions that come with it.

    Do you ever drop chocolate truffles from an extended arm into your mouth?
    Do you claim
  • Healthy omelette recipe

    Healthy Omelette Recipe

    This healthy omelette is known as the "pond omelette" in our house. But trust me it tastes 100 times better than it looks!

    So stop pondering about how green it is and get it cooked! As a
  • Fitness Journey: Why You Should Never Compare Yourself to Social Media

    If your fitness journey is determined by your starting point and your personal end goal, why is it so easy to compare yourself to fitness models on Instagram? Sometimes you might not even realise
  • Training programme

    Training Programme – Is it Sustainable?

    There's no questions about it, sticking to a training programme can be tough. You miss a couple of sessions, which turns into a couple of weeks which can turn into a couple of months. Well we're

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