Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to fat burning and weight loss tips, it’s super important to not waste energy doing the wrong things! Without further ado, here is the fundamentals list!


The King of Weight Loss Tips

Calorie deficit 

Our most important of all weight loss tips is to ensure that you know what your maintenance calories are. Once you understand this, you know where your calorie deficit needs to be! It’s then simply patience and watching the fat loss gains come in! Here is one of our other blog posts that discusses in more depth what a calorie deficit is and how to get yourself in one!


The More Under Rated Weight Loss Tips


This macro is very important for two reasons! Firstly, it is closely involved with guiding your body to burn fat, not muscle! Secondly, it is the most satiating macro nutrient! Hitting your protein target is one of the not so obvious key weight loss tips to avoid the skinny fat look.

Weight lifting

Similarly to point number two, weight  lifting informs your nervous system to protect muscles from being used as energy and instead to use fat. In addition, your body doesn’t think you are having a leisurely workout, more so that it is fighting for survival! As a result of this new muscle, our resting metabolic rate speeds up so that you can lose more fat on higher calories!

Planned Re-feeds

Ensure that you treat yourself every 1-2 weeks (maintenance calories) to avoid binge behaviour. Simply raising carbs will have a strong signal on key diet prolonging hormones such as Leptin. Often when diet adherence takes a dip most blame their genetics or will power, not their methodology.

Macros (protein/fats/carbs)

As we now know from point number 4, it’s a good idea to keep carbs high. But we must keep in mind that carbs hydrate our body with water and muscle glycogen. So when carbs and fat ratio’s fluctuate through the week, the scales will too. You’re still burning fat, keep going!

Training and Step Counts

The purpose for step counts is to keep us active and not just to over rely on a calorie deficit! If we train less or do fewer steps that week it puts us in less of a calorie deficit due to moving less. We will still be losing fat but at a slower pace. It’s recommended to aim for between 8,000 – 12,000 per day or simply hit your goal total by the end of the week.

Hiring Your own Online Personal Trainer

Hiring your own professional keeps confusion at bay, holds you accountable, provides structure and guidance. Well, we hope these tips will contribute to your goals!

For further reading on how to turn your body into a fat burning machine give Very Well Fit’s article a read!

Are there any of the above that you have never considered?



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