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The Online BODYREACH Journey

The online Body Reach journey was created for those who lack confidence to go to the gym, seek a convenient fitness plan (home or gym), require flexibility to their nutrition targets and need an affordable Personal Trainer to guide them through all of the confusion (monthly check ins). This affordable version of online Personal Training provides incredible value for money. 

Our recommendation (if training from home) for optimal results is to purchase a barbell set (equipment free plans too!) which will be the tool, the fitness plan and nutrition guidance your manual and myself – your community Personal Trainer, your accountability


This journey is perfect for those who have been hoodwinked time and again by fad diets! Hello, affordable online Personal Training!!

Facebook Community

Join our ever expanding Facebook community group which includes accountability check ins, meal ideas, team camaraderie and there is also a private portal with informational/technique tutorials included.

Individualised Nutrition

Specific calculations provided based on your individual body statistics to ignite your fat loss or muscle building journey!

Convenient Training Programs

Choose a program that suits your individual needs, lifestyle and goals with convenient gym or home options available.

Community Personal Trainer at hand for any questions

Never feel confused or alone, ask questions anytime and have them answered by myself;  your community Personal Trainer.

Fellow Community Body Reachers

“What gets measured, gets managed”


– Peter Drucker – 


Tracking calories is the fastest route to the outcome you seek and it will always be my first suggestion for optimal results. However, we do also include methods and food plans on how to shed that cheeky timber without needing to track too! We provide solutions to your problems from all angles, sometimes tracking may not be on the cards at that particular moment which means you need an intervention. We got you!

Nutrition and Training

Video Tutorials

An array of Informative, private YouTube videos including; diet hacks, myths, fat loss education, what fancy words like BMR and TDEE mean and why they are so important to fat loss, why fiber is important, what macros are, the importance of protein, how to use My Fitness Pal, how long fat loss cycles should last, how to time them best, why it’s so important to practice the same exercises for extended periods, the mind muscle connection, technique videos to improve your understanding of weight lifting, does fat turn into muscle, what progressive overload is and muscle gain expectations and much more!

Price Comparison.

“The equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!”

Our training programs or the nutrition starter payment are around the equivalent of 9-12 cups of coffee and I mention this because I have 1 Starbucks/Costa (two timer i know) minimum per day, 6 days a week which costs me an intangible…but worth it £70 or so per month. Perception is everything! Our Body Reach community monthly membership is the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!

Prices and Packages

Nutrition Protocols – £30!!

Training Themed Program – £30!!

Community Monthly Check In Support £10!!


A tailored training regime is £69.99.

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