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Firstly, hello and welcome to our proud home – Body Reach! We are Luke and Kate, online Personal Trainers and Nutrition Coaches based in the UK and more specifically Preston. Secondly, we would like you to know straight away that we place huge importance on ensuring that you receive a simplified, personalised and in turn, successful journey. Thirdly, as Online Personal Trainers – we are completely evidence based in practice. So nothing we ask of you will be anything to do with myths, ‘wonder shakes’ or ‘magic pills’.

You will finish your successful journey armed with knowledge, independence and results that last forever. But first, let us guide you passed your first comfort zone hurdle, those nerves stopping you from feeling qualified to start! Then, we can build from strong foundations to start growing your confidence. Our Online Personal Trainer services range from more affordable (less personal help) and all the way through to in depth, close up and bespoke coaching.

Online Personal Trainers Provide Structure

As Online Personal Trainers we feel it’s key to guide you to not only achieve your goals and targets but to achieve independence. In doing so it won’t matter that a friend always cancels on you, last minute. Because you’ll have a solid plan and the confidence to implement it alone. Moreover, once per week punishment by Fitness Coaches is unnecessary. Because, you will have sustainable, independent structure in place to spread your efforts across a week, not a session.  Consistency is more important than anything.

Specific Goals Require Specific Program Design

Unquestionably, training and nutrition must be specific to you, your goals and lifestyle. Furthermore, tailoring is where great fitness coaches come into their own. This allows you to then direct your finite energy on implementing and ticking off those small daily RELEVANT targets which will accumulate into a huge transformation. Throughout the process, you can train from wherever you’re most comfortable, at home or the gym!

Online Coaching VS in Person Personal Training

Firstly, it’s cheaper because Personal Training typically ranges from £30-55 (area dependant) for one session per week and most require 2-3. So, this can easily tally up between £400-650 per month. Whereas, online coaching ranges from anywhere between £130-£250 per month (1/3 the price). In addition, direct help is great and helps some people who struggle with motivation. But strategy, knowledge, structure and guidance are key. Moreover, 24/7 WhatsApp support, daily guidance, accountability check ins and in particular independence are extremely important variables. Unfortunately, many rely on just the one hour of work with their PT without implementing a plan the other 167 hours that week.

Following on, a Personal Trainer can indeed push you passed limits you can’t push passed alone but n0t many require this intensity unless very advanced. And is this level of intensity necessary without any cumulative work done that week? Because such intensity will result in over soreness that only negatively impacts exercise in succeeding days. Similarly, you can’t eat all of your weekly apples in 1 day and its so important to build up your independence muscles anyway! Therefore, moderate sustainable effort is what allows you to consist with your goals long term and actually enjoy the process.

I love 1-1 personal training but, results as an Online Personal Trainer are typically higher for the above reasons. So, if 1-1 is your choice, beware that you’ll have your homework!). Regarding 1-1 personal training, we operate from our home studio! Whereas, for online coaching the post code bit doesn’t exist!


10 Reasons to Hire an Online Personal Trainer

Overall, we feel it’s important to always have an unbiased viewpoint. As a result, here is a great article by Very Well Fit on the 10 reasons an Online Personal Trainer can help.

Choose Your Online Personal Trainer Service

Online Personal Trainers
Affordable Online Group Coaching
Firstly, this option is an affordable way to receive Online Personal Training via our private Facebook Group Coaching Community. In addition, depending on the tier chosen you will have access to a range of phased training programmes (home or gym), personalised nutrition along with several options of accountability check-ins with our Online Personal Trainers Luke and Kate.
Online Personal Trainers
Exclusive Online 1:1 Coaching For Men
Secondly, your 1:1 support for men is provided by Luke Walker, a natural body building and football enthusiast who believes everyone can reach their full potential to look and feel great. Furthermore, Online Personal Training is 100% personalised to your every need. In addition, this service includes bespoke training plans, individualised nutrition protocols, weekly accountability check ins, video feedback, 24/7 messaging and more.
Online Personal Trainers
Exclusive Online 1:1 Coaching For Women
Finally, your 1:1 support for women is provided by Kate Walker, a busy mum who is passionate about helping women realise that achieving amazing results is possible for everyone. Furthermore, Kate’s Online Personal Training support is 100% personalised to your every need. In addition, this service includes bespoke training plans, individualised nutrition protocols, weekly accountability check ins, video feedback, 24/7 messaging and more.

I am ready to start transforming now!

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Abi Farrar
Abi Farrar
19:42 01 Dec 20
I signed up for the November challenge,after being stuck in a rut with food and exercise. Working with Luke and Kate... really got me motivated. Giving lots of workouts and food ideas. Helping with nutrition whilst fitting it into normal life. I enjoyed it so much and after seeing fantastic results I signed up again to keep me on track for December. I will be starting the New Year with a bang!! Thank you highly more
Jess Dick
Jess Dick
19:35 18 Nov 20
Kate and Luke are so supportive from start to finish. Nothing is intimidating and they really take the time to... understand your goals before writing a tailored and informative plan, which they update for me accordingly each week. Accountability is there but they are SO motivational and supportive, I couldn't recommend Kate and Luke enough. I am over a stone down already but my mindset has completely changed and I know that fitness will be in my life forever, with complete thanks to Kate & Luke. Thank you Bodyreach!read more
Sarah Bethwaite
Sarah Bethwaite
19:07 18 Nov 20
Professional, knowledgeable and really easy to work with. Luke’s 1-2-1 sessions are brilliant! He’s super... motivating and always there to help!Great service. Great PTread more
Rose Walton
Rose Walton
11:02 02 Nov 20
Luke and Kate offer a great service which fits into your lifestyle. Helped me build muscle and confidence. I couldn't... jave asked for more supportive and knowledgeable more
Johanna Miller
Johanna Miller
18:13 30 Oct 20
I have been training with Kate 1:1 during the second trimester of my pregnancy and couldn’t recommend a more knowing,... understanding and amazing person to guide you through this journey. We attempted The program during the latter part of the first trimester, but due to my unpredictable pregnancy symptoms and still not feeling great, Kate agreed to freeze temporarily until I was feeling my best. This was the best thing to do! I have loved learning from Kate, and receiving the support I needed to maintain strength and motivation during my first pregnancy in order to prepare myself for labour and everything that comes after! You will not regret signing up to Body Reach at all - I can’t wait to resign once I’m back up and running after postpartum!read more
Jack Chesters
Jack Chesters
18:14 27 Oct 20
Highly recommend !I did a 30 day challenge with body reach and had great results. Better than expected. My goal was to... lose some weight and become leaner. I got exactly what I asked for! Everything was straight forward and the support was there when needed throughout the challenge. Kate and Luke know exactly what they’re talking about and have a large amount of knowledge when it comes to fitness and diets. Big thanks to body reach!What ever your goals are in fitness and the diet plan I can 100% guarantee body reach can cater for more
Danielle Ward
Danielle Ward
08:39 27 Oct 20
Body Reach is all round brilliant. They help you with every aspect on your fitness journey. There is no fad diet and... you can actually eat all foods. This journey is a lifestyle change that has most certainly helped me and nearly 2 years down the line I am fitter than ever and have actually managed to keep the weight off and still enjoy my more
Leah Hawkins
Leah Hawkins
16:33 26 Oct 20
I won a competition for 1:1 coaching with Kate at body reach for 6 weeks and I loved it! So much so I have signed up to... continue the coaching with kate.The service is amazing and I would recommend it to any one, no question is too silly to ask and Kate is available 24:7 for anything.If you are into your fitness journey or just getting started I would recommend this for more
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