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 Firstly, our online personal training and 1-1 coaching has a distinct philosophy! Basically, that you are unique and should be treated as such! Moreover, the image below shows how varying person to person obstacles can be. Because of this variation, you will require a unique pathway. So, it’s the tailoring process, accountability check ins and support that navigate you passed them. Additionally, different goals, motivations, personalities, likes, lifestyles and genetics shed further light on the importance of fitness individuality. As a result, we created our brand around the finger print unique ethos!

For this reason, we ensure you receive a fitness journey completely unique to you. Because you literally are as unique as your finger print, nobody else in the world has yours! Furthermore, we are completely evidence based in practice and have long practiced what we teach. Therefore, nothing we ask of you will ever be anything we haven’t carried out ourselves. So, your journey won’t have anything to do with costly and expensive; myths, ‘wonder shakes’ or ‘magic pills’.


Obstacles are to be Broken

Consequently, you will finish your successful journey armed with knowledge, independence and results that last forever. But first, let us guide you through obstacle number one from the image, and that’s fear. Particularly, this obstacle is sadly what holds millions back each year from even starting a fitness journey. But not you!


online personal training


So, our job is to tailor your journey so much so, that most of the negative emotions upon starting are dormant. With that said, low motivation, limited knowledge, or high stress, loneliness or low time won’t be limiting factors. Because, we build your journey on the foundations that nullify them.


Firstly, a lot of our Online Personal Training clients train at home.

On the other hand, we have plenty at the gym too.

In addition, you can even merge bespoke programming & 1-1 PT!

Similarly, tailored programming and group personal training with friends.

Undoubtedly 5 Key Aspects to Our Coaching Identity

Our coaching is all about fine tuning these finger dials so you achieve your goals the fastest BUT safest way. And to keep you there indefinitely for maximum confidence and peak health – for now but also the future. In particular, a preventative approach to health promotes longevity and longevity is life!

For example, we coach in a way that goes against the grain. Because most of the fitness industry promote myths and create smoke screens to monetarily benefit. Hence, if you look at the image below, you will notice five key ingredients that we promote, that don’t cost extra! As a result of implementing these, you will enhance your adherence and in turn, success.

No Scale Obsessing

Firstly, the big one and this one can really mess with people’s minds. For example, very often when an individual is effectively losing body fat, the scales show otherwise! But quite frequently, people haven’t got a coach to make sense of the situation. Namely, that so many things can skewer the scales such as water retention and more food in the digestive tract. As well as increased stores of muscle glycogen (higher carbohydrate intake), time of the month or even more muscle! So, they cannot be relied on without having a bigger, clearer picture. Similarly, picture progress, measurements and performance indicators are what complete the progress tracking equation.


Minimal Cardio

To clarify, yes you heard that right! Now, cardio can be effectively incorporated to create an overall calorie deficit. But is it necessary? In short, no! But many continue to go to the gym and almost kill themselves to burn some calories. Then, go home and eat those calories back without even realizing and repeat the gruesome process to no avail. In addition, calorie deficits can come from a combination of food, weight training, walking or gardening/cleaning! So, aggressive and tiring cardio can help. But again, is just one piece of the puzzle. Furthermore, it can fatigue you from better strength training performance and reduce muscle mass.


Online Personal Training from Anywhere

It should be noted, that a large percentage of our clients train from home! Likewise, whether it’s bodyweight only, TRX bands, dumbbells, barbells or resistance bands, it works! So, if cash is low you can forget about that year contract that you probably won’t use anyway!  In particular, at this beginning phase confidence is low so by training at home you can gain familiarity with your goals. Then, when you have built up your confidence muscles, go to the gym. Although, you may love training at home so much, you might invest in more equipment like many of our clients! Lastly, don’t let not going to the gym hold you back!


Evidence Based Online Personal Training

Above all, we source our information from scientific industry leaders and the best meta analyses studies out there. But also have 20+ years of personal experience between us. As a result, invaluable in the trenches experience, merged with the highest quality of evidence based knowledge. And we truly appreciate the importance of, actions speak louder than words.


Favorite Foods Stay

Of course we saved the best till last! So, this is a huge deal breaker for many and we truly understand why. Because life is too short to just eat carrots, especially if you’re a foody like we are. However, finding a good balance between the two (not being gluttonous) is a key aspect to long term adherence. Further, by going cold turkey on the foods you like only leads to binges and you off the rails. So, why not incorporate your favorite foods for better dietary adherence to avoid feeling deprived. And all whilst simultaneously achieving the same results! Finally, it’s normal for new ears to be a little mind blown at this bit, so take a few to let it sink in 😀

Lastly, we hope we have already taught you some valuable stuff! However, if you would like further reading regarding online personal training you might like this blog we wrote! Also, check out this well written article by Trainerize.






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Abi Farrar
Abi Farrar
19:42 01 Dec 20
I signed up for the November challenge,after being stuck in a rut with food and exercise. Working with Luke and Kate... really got me motivated. Giving lots of workouts and food ideas. Helping with nutrition whilst fitting it into normal life. I enjoyed it so much and after seeing fantastic results I signed up again to keep me on track for December. I will be starting the New Year with a bang!! Thank you highly more
Jess Dick
Jess Dick
19:35 18 Nov 20
Kate and Luke are so supportive from start to finish. Nothing is intimidating and they really take the time to... understand your goals before writing a tailored and informative plan, which they update for me accordingly each week. Accountability is there but they are SO motivational and supportive, I couldn't recommend Kate and Luke enough. I am over a stone down already but my mindset has completely changed and I know that fitness will be in my life forever, with complete thanks to Kate & Luke. Thank you Bodyreach!read more
Sarah Bethwaite
Sarah Bethwaite
19:07 18 Nov 20
Professional, knowledgeable and really easy to work with. Luke’s 1-2-1 sessions are brilliant! He’s super motivating... and always there to help!Great service. Great PTread more
Rose Walton
Rose Walton
11:02 02 Nov 20
Luke and Kate offer a great service which fits into your lifestyle. Helped me build muscle and confidence. I couldn't... jave asked for more supportive and knowledgeable more
Johanna Miller
Johanna Miller
18:13 30 Oct 20
I have been training with Kate 1:1 during the second trimester of my pregnancy and couldn’t recommend a more knowing,... understanding and amazing person to guide you through this journey. We attempted The program during the latter part of the first trimester, but due to my unpredictable pregnancy symptoms and still not feeling great, Kate agreed to freeze temporarily until I was feeling my best. This was the best thing to do! I have loved learning from Kate, and receiving the support I needed to maintain strength and motivation during my first pregnancy in order to prepare myself for labour and everything that comes after! You will not regret signing up to Body Reach at all - I can’t wait to resign once I’m back up and running after postpartum!read more
Jack Chesters
Jack Chesters
18:14 27 Oct 20
Highly recommend !I did a 30 day challenge with body reach and had great results. Better than expected. My goal was to... lose some weight and become leaner. I got exactly what I asked for! Everything was straight forward and the support was there when needed throughout the challenge. Kate and Luke know exactly what they’re talking about and have a large amount of knowledge when it comes to fitness and diets. Big thanks to body reach!What ever your goals are in fitness and the diet plan I can 100% guarantee body reach can cater for more
Danielle Ward
Danielle Ward
08:39 27 Oct 20
Body Reach is all round brilliant. They help you with every aspect on your fitness journey. There is no fad diet and... you can actually eat all foods. This journey is a lifestyle change that has most certainly helped me and nearly 2 years down the line I am fitter than ever and have actually managed to keep the weight off and still enjoy my more
Leah Hawkins
Leah Hawkins
16:33 26 Oct 20
I won a competition for 1:1 coaching with Kate at body reach for 6 weeks and I loved it! So much so I have signed up to... continue the coaching with kate.The service is amazing and I would recommend it to any one, no question is too silly to ask and Kate is available 24:7 for anything.If you are into your fitness journey or just getting started I would recommend this for more
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