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The Online BODYREACH Journey

Convenience, Affordability & Personalisation

You are busy? We have Convenience.

Demands on your disposable income? We have Affordability.

You need guidance and support? We have Personalisation.


Our Philosophy

“A diet should be adapted to your life,

not your life adapted to a diet”.

What Does The Body Reach Journey include?

  1. You become a part of a private community and support network (your very own fitness family) of like-minded fellow BODYREACHER’S to keep in touch with (not feel alone) and be inspired by.


2. A convenient training program provided at home or gym!


3. Provided with Individualised nutrition protocols (to your height/weight/body fat levels) in the form of; calories, macros, water and a choice rate of weight loss per week to drive motivation toward a goal

*Side note

Yes we track calories because its the fastest route to the outcome you seek! Not dissimilar to tracking your bank balance before purchasing something, making sure you have adequate petrol prior to a long car journey or ensuring that your business is profiting etc. Do not fool yourself into believing you can avoid this long term otherwise you will simply plateau and not know what step to take next to carry on progressing when the body starts to push against the process. We do have plans for people who have poor relationships with food and do not want to track in this moment where you can still progress and be fairly sure that you are in a fat burning zone. Everything is measured by a piece/slice/ladle/medium size of… etc*. Just keep in mind that this will never be as definite as a calculated and tracked calorie deficit will be.


“What gets measured, gets managed”

– Peter Drucker – 


4. Concise responses to your check ins every 2 weeks where I guide you like a Sat Nav and hold you accountable to your goals/focused throughout the month via; weigh ins, picture progress, measurements, adherence questions, training progression checks. 


5. Your own private PT so that you can ask questions any time you like, avoiding confusion or stagnation. I pride myself on honesty and 100% unbiased knowledge (like the fact that your first 2-3 pounds of weight loss will always be from compositions excluding body fat like carbo’hydrate’ losses). Notice the hydration bit, carbs actually indirectly promote fat loss!! Why take them out?


6. Education via simplified community file documents and community posts on all things body composition (fat loss and muscle shaping/building depending on the goals).


7. Meal ideas for breakfast, snacks, lunches, dinners, low calorie – alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages/sauces, how to track calories and macros, diet tools and techniques to simplify everything.


8. Exercise tutorials that ensure you have a good idea of how to perform the exercises safely and effectively alone.

How does Online differ to 1-1 PT?

When you are with a PT (most often 1 hour out of a 168-hour week) you can be pushed passed limits that you couldn’t push passed alone. But what happens inside that hour is absolutely irrelevant (no matter how hard you are pushed) to your goals if the other 167 hours that week without your PT don’t include; structure, organisation, diet strategies, more satiating food choices made and accountability check ins. This is the critical stuff that needs the most attention so we work on these fundamentals as they bring 90% of your results.


“Abs are built in the gym and revealed by a calorie deficit”.

How the Journey was born!


Throughout my 10-year fitness industry journey I have encountered those who strongly sought a Personal Training experience to assist them toward achieving and sustaining their goals. However, many simply do not have the disposable income.


The issue now is that you have got to choose which company to entrust and partner with and this is another hurdle. What I can say as the owner is that we are the complete opposite of companies who offer short cuts to reel you in like “drop a stone in 5 days” and not telling you that this rate of loss firstly, is very unsustainable, secondly leads to binges and thirdly that a large percentage of your initial weight loss will be water and glycogen weight.


We are transparent in our approach and do not beat around the bush. We have a business to run yes, but we also are passionate about our brand, the results and the fulfilment we receive from your success.


We educate you to be in control, take your lifestyle into consideration, apply the key fundamentals and focus on the long term to allow you to keep your results once you have got them.


The epitome of our community is a lady named Danielle Ward and not just because Danielle has been very successful but because she adapted the Body Reach methods and diet to her life, not the other way around.


– 22 pounds of fat lost, muscle shape and strength gained

– Confidence through the roof

– Happy to wear her bikini on holiday (not killing herself by crash dieting before her holiday to then gain it all back when home as she had done in the past) for the first time in years

– Has done this in a period of 6-7 months and all whilst keeping her life first



What Danielle say’s.


“This is the first time I’ve achieved fat loss success and all whilst not feeling like I am dieting”.


Check out her review in the testimonial section or speak with her when you are welcomed into the Community (or prior to joining just let me know and I can forward you onto her).


3 Pillars of Success


Training; and




Why are these N.T.A. Pillars fundamentally important?


Starting your BODYREACH journey with all three Pillars in place ensures that you begin with a solid foundation – buildings aren’t built on quick sand. It is easy to receive training and/or nutrition programmes; however, the majority of people will not consistently adhere to them due to lack of accountability – impacting progress/transformation.


Consequently, BODYREACH have included regular and affordable community check-ins via the private BODYREACH community every 2 weeks ensuring that you maintain focus throughout your transformation journey and that your goals are a central part of your lifestyle now, but also in the future.


Most start their journey with bags of motivation, but motivation is temporary and only ignites the flame, it doesn’t keep it burning – when life gets in the way the flame dwindles and people quit. Our private BODYREACH community keeps all three N.T.A.  pillars supported, meaning you stay organised, structured, focused and consistent.


Does The Online Body Reach Journey relate?


  • You have tried fad after fad but have never merged dieting or education with your lifestyle with the typical thought of cutting out ALL of your sanity foods (which OBVZ ends in disaster) instead applying a strategy around keeping them in.


  • Have always had negative emotions when it comes to health and getting in shape due to the confusion of it all


  • Have never achieved or maintained your results long term


  • Want the simplified and to the point, truth behind what it takes to achieve your goals and easily maintain them


  • Have a poor relationship with food


  • Blame your genetics 


  • Never had an evidence based Personal Trainer before who keeps up with the most up to date research and has also been in the trenches himself both in terms of experience with personally and with clients 


  • You have never been in control due to a lack of education forcing you to always go back to that certain ‘company’ for information that doesn’t teach you to be independent 



£10 per month including a one time £60 upfront fee – but not really a fee as this is for your convenient training plan and nutrition protocols 😉



Facebook Community

Join our ever expanding Facebook community group which includes ongoing support, education, guidance, check in assessments to continue progression, accountability, meal ideas and camaraderie within a community, there is also a private portal with informational tutorials included.

Tailored Nutrition

Specific calculations based on your individual body statistics to ignite your fat loss or muscle building journey including; calories, macros, sleep, water recommendations, muscularity score, BMI and more.

Convenient Training Programs

Choose a program that suits your individual needs, lifestyle and goals with convenient gym or home options available.

Your Own Private Community Personal Trainer

Never feel confused or alone, ask questions anytime and have them followed by honest, unbiased, researched answers with your best interest always at heart.

Nutrition and Training

Video Tutorials

An array of Informative, private YouTube videos including; diet hacks, myths, fat loss education, what fancy words like BMR and TDEE mean and why they are so important to fat loss, why fiber is important, what macros are, the importance of protein, how to use My Fitness Pal, how long fat loss cycles should last, how to time them best, why it’s so important to practice the same exercises for extended periods, the mind muscle connection, technique videos to improve your understanding of weight lifting, does fat turn into muscle, what progressive overload is and muscle gain expectations and much more!

Price Comparison.

“The equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!”

Our training programs or the nutrition starter payment are around the equivalent of 9-12 cups of coffee and I mention this because I have 1 Starbucks/Costa (two timer i know) minimum per day, 6 days a week which costs me an intangible…but worth it £70 or so per month. Perception is everything! Our Body Reach community monthly membership is the equivalent to 3 cups of coffee!

Prices and Packages

– with no hidden costs!

Nutrition upfront cost of £30 to lay your individualised foundations.

Training Program – £30 (home or gym plans)

Monthly Private Community Support £10 per month.

Total start up cost £70!!

Simply click join the journey tab to enter your fitness family community!

If you would like a tailored training regime this is £69.99.

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