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Who Are We?

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Many either choose fad after fad or try to adapt their life to their newly adopted fitness venture. Our philosophy is lifestyle balance! We focus on adapting your fitness goals to your life so that they’re easily adhered to and sustained once you have achieved them. We believe in health and fitness becoming part of your lifestyle, so that your results last a lifetime.


With over 12 years experience in the fitness industry we are able to pass on to you real education which will keep you away from the fad companies forever! We genuinely care about helping as many people as possible to stop wasting their money, will power, confidence and minds! If you are willing to follow our simple philosophy you WILL achieve all of your goals, whatever they may be!

How Can We Support You?

Online 1:1 Coaching For Men
Your 1:1 support for men is provided by Luke Walker, a natural body building and football enthusiast who believes in working smart as well as hard. 1:1 online coaching is 100% personalised to your every need. This includes bespoke training plans, individualised nutrition protocols, weekly accountability check ins and a lot more. Our transformations speak for themselves and to find out more click here.
Online 1:1 Coaching For Women
Your 1:1 support for women is provided by Kate Walker, a busy mum who is passionate about helping women realise that achieving amazing results is possible for everyone. Kate’s support includes training plans tailored to your exact needs and levels of fitness, as well as bespoke nutrition protocols and weekly accountability check ins and a lot more! To find out more information click here.
Online Group Coaching
This is an affordable way to receive online support via our private Facebook Group Coaching Community. Depending on the tier chosen you will have access to a range of phased training programmes (home or gym), personalised nutrition along with several options of accountability check-ins with our personal trainers Luke and Kate. For more information click here.

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