Preston Personal Trainer

If you are seeking a Preston personal trainer you are in the right place, as I have been a Preston personal trainer for over a decade now! And through these years I have developed a close understanding of how to adapt to each unique personality. Because starting a health and fitness journey is initially a daunting experience. But through our partnership and trusting relationship I will soon have you loving your new health and fitness journey and the empowerment that comes with it!

Preston Personal Trainer

Meet and Greet

Firstly, you have an optional 10-15 min voice chat to meet and greet, this is where I get an idea of your goals and you get a look in on how we work.

Goal Questionnaire

You then receive and fill out a goal specific in depth questionnaire form.


At this point we start to tailor your journey both in terms of training, nutrition and all balanced around YOUR lifestyle.


This is where we catch fire! A solid foundation makes way for excellent structure and consistency!

Chat with your Preston Personal Trainer

We empathise with how difficult and nerve racking it can be to choose your trainer and because of this we welcome an initial chat.

This simple 10-15 minute chat goes a long way and allows you to make a comfortable decision in regards to who will entitle the important role of being your Preston Personal Trainer. And if you aren’t quite sure on how a Personal Trainer can help, this blog may be beneficial.

Personal Trainer Preston Prices

Upon starting your journey we ensure that a clear map is laid out for you so that you can implement with absolute clarity (which frees up your mental space). This includes a training programme (with tutorials), nutrition targets (zero restrictions), meal ideas, progress metrics and weekly check ins. In addition, these are all tailored to YOUR life and are stored simply in the same space in your private online portal. We marry together your personal training experience with a smart approach to training when we aren’t with you.






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Which element do you struggle with the most?

Where are you based?

Where are you based?

Service Choice

How much can you afford to spend on your journey if it meant you would achieve your goals?

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