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Hey!! We are Kate and Luke Walker and are based in Preston, Lancashire. And we offer both freelance and Personal Training online (as far as America)! Moreover, we’ve proudly accumulated 12+ years experience with a wide range of personalities and goal ideals. From introverts to extroverts and athletes to general population goals. We believe that every individual is finger print unique and deserves to be treated accordingly. Because there isn’t one person in the world with the same finger print as you! Furthermore, our philosophy regarding training and nutrition will match this scientific fact. Similarly, the way we support and coach you will too.


Clients often get in touch for extra accountability and structure. As a consequence, we form a bridge to their goals via specific and relative training and nutrition methods. Because a lot of the time they are actually trying but the return on investment is poor. Due to the fact they may be applying their finite energy in the wrong places. Furthermore, fitness journeys can be so confusing and this can slow you down. Or worse, make you quit through frustration. Thus, personal training online puts chaos into order. Therefore, your motivation, adherence, performance, enjoyment and results quickly improve.


Personal Training Online Provides Structure

As Online Personal Trainers we feel it’s key to guide you to your goals and targets. But to also achieve independence. Because then, it won’t matter if a friend cancels on you last minute. Due to the fact, you’ll have structure and confidence to implement independently. In addition, you’ll spread moderate efforts across the week. Instead of killing yourself in one session to make up for it. Thus, you end up thoroughly enjoying your fitness journey instead of resenting it. But in order to implement effectively, training and nutrition must be goal specific. As well as being adapted to your unique lifestyle. Besides, we all know how important consistency is!


Lastly, for more information on online personal training benefits give this blog a read!


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