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Firstly, in our Body Transformations section we proudly get to show case some of the lads and lasses from our amazing Body Reach team! Secondly, and even more important (shh don’t tell them) we hopefully get to add yours to the collection in the not too distant future too! Thirdly, we hope you’re inspired enough to take that key first step and push through that deceiving comfort zone. Lastly, we know just how many people struggle at the first and most critical hurdle. When we break down the word fear we can see that it stands for false, evidence, appearing, real. Importantly, now armed with this knowledge, we cannot let this feeling prevent us from achieving our own body transformations.


“You Don’t Have to be Great to Start, But You Have to Start to be Great”.

– Zig Ziglar

Undoubtedly, nobody starts their body transformations off even remotely comfortable, despite their mannerisms. Similarly, confidence, physique and performance are usually low along with energy, will power, enthusiasm and self belief. And this is completely normal! Indeed, at the moment you most certainly won’t be feeling ‘ready’, but you are, because you are here! Besides, you’ll never feel ready until you catch momentum, get structure and have habits in place. Furthermore, the worse off your start point is the more impressive your body transformation will be! However, if you’re really struggling, here’s a fantastic article by Forbes on some excellent tricks to get out of your comfort zone!


Body Transformations Take Courage

It’s worth noting that motivation is the ignition that get’s you started. However, when it inevitably dwindles is where  structure and habits drive the ship. Furthermore, this is why it’s so important initially to push through your comfort zone and see what’s on the other side! In addition, there is a reason for comfort zones being a popular spoken topic, because it’s where the magic happens. So, step out of your comfort zone, reach out to us and become one of our members that not only achieves physical success. But attains confidence, happiness, strength, fitness and health! Without a doubt, there is so much more to well being than the way we look. Admittedly, this body transformations area of the site is our favourite because of the fulfilment it has given us towards impacting others and maybe even you!


Body Transformations

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