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First and foremost, our #builtbybodyreach Body Transformations page is where we proudly and unapologetically show you off! And the most exciting bit is that you could be next to feature! So, we hope we can inspire you enough to take the most important step. And that’s pushing through the initial comfort zone that holds many back. Because we know that most struggle with the uncertainty, anxiety and fear of starting or reaching out. But when we break the word fear down, it just stands for false evidence appearing real! As in reality, it hasn’t even happened yet, just in our minds.

So, have comfort in knowing that there is no exception here, only the rule. Because, fitness, confidence, physique and performance are all completely dormant. Along with energy, enthusiasm and self-belief. And that’s okay as we are going to activate them all! In addition, at the moment of reaching out you may not ‘feel’ ready. But you are because you are here! Moreover, you’ll only feel ready when you catch momentum, get structure and have habits in place. Besides, the worse your start point is the more impressive your body transformation will be! And here’s a fantastic article by Forbes on some excellent tricks to get out of your comfort zone!


Body Transformations Take Courage


It’s worth noting that motivation is the ignition to get you started. However, when motivation inevitably dwindles, structure and habits captain the ship on cruise control. In addition, comfort zones are a hot topic, because it’s where the magic happens. So, step out of your comfort zone, reach out to us and join the #builtbybodyreach movement. Because your results, are around the corner. And so is another transformation photo to add for more new visitors like yourself in the future!  


Our Unique Body Transformations 


Body Transformations: Danielle Ward

Hello everyone, I am Danielle Ward from Southampton. Unfortunately, I have tried absolutely everything on my weight loss journey. And have experienced it many times in so many different ways. And despite my best efforts, every weight loss journey was the same. Because I never succeeded and felt like rubbish every time. But I’ll bet you can probably relate to the frustration of goals never getting any closer. And despite the vigorous daily grind.

Body Transformations: Danielle

Body Transformations: Danielle

At the start of my online Body Reach journey I found myself pleasantly surprised which was a rarity! Because for the first time in forever, I didn’t feel like I was on a diet. But was already seeing better results than ever! Certainly, this weight loss journey was different! Further, Body Reach helped me to improve my confidence, energy and enjoyment. Along with improving my long damaged relationship with food and fitness. Luke and Kate are supportive, informative and affordable. But above all, personable.

You can achieve your goals from the comfort of your own home and on your terms. Due to this fact, you can train when suits you and have no fear of being judged in the gym. And the best bit, enjoy all the foods you love, because you have the knowledge to know how. Because who says weight loss journeys have to be restricted and boring! Importantly, having regular check ins helped keep me on track and stick to it. So, don’t waste any more time like me and get going and on the right path to your goals now. If you have any questions and would like my first hand opinion, just send me an inbox on Facebook. And I will gladly tell you more!  


Body Transformations Takes Desire 


Body Transformations: Rosie Walton

I had to get strong, lose weight and get fit! Hey, I’m Rosie Walton. And in February 2013 I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease called Myotonic Dystrophy (MD). So, I was in self destructive mode, eating and drinking whatever. And I was depressed, blaming the world for everything. Moreover, I had spoken to professionals about my situation to find answers and solutions. Although, it was to no avail. But I soon came to the conclusion that I can either make the best of a bad situation or sulk. Maybe a blessing in disguise?



I did my research. It was time to get fit, build muscle, get strong and lose weight. So, I contacted Luke and told him everything. And I instantly noticed his positive and supportive attitude. He just said OK let’s crack on. And so we did! Please don’t waste your time looking through hundreds of personal trainers. And in the end not contacting anyone due to the serious confusion – there are many.

Myself and Luke partnered up years ago and my goal to get strong is very much achieved. Along with the results from my doctor on the health of my muscles! Losing weight was one of my other goals and I lost 4.7 stone precisely. As well as wanting to get fitter which I have also accomplished. There have been lows and highs but I’m proud of what we achieved, especially with MD! Lastly, this is why I truly believe you can do the same with Luke’s assistance no matter your circumstances. So, take the plunge! Because if I can do it, you most definitely can. Good luck on your journey. It will be your best investment to date!



Body Transformations Breed Confidence  


Body Transformations: Lauren Walker 

Luke is the BEST Personal Trainer EVER!! And that’s in spite of the fact he’s my brother! Because I have never met a Personal Trainer more willing to put in the time to his job/passion. In addition, I achieved my goals effortlessly due to being educated correctly from the off. Along with providing goal specific education he also guides you on how to apply it to your lifestyle.

So, he makes your journey as simple, convenient and enjoyable as is possible. And if your goals are weight loss or muscle building, you are in the right place! Because his lifestyle philosophy approach allows us to always enjoy our food and never feel restricted. As a result, we achieve our body goals and easily sustain them!

Body Transformations - Lauren!

Body Transformations – Lauren!

Importantly, he is so passionate and genuinely wants to help you achieve your results. Body Reach will be one of the best investments you make in a personal trainer, whether online or one to one. And you only have to see the client body transformations for proof! So, my personal story started with wanting to shed a few pounds but I soon realized that weight lifting provided the most empowered feeling. And it shaped my body, not giving me bulging muscles as so many still believe it will!

In addition, it also improved my fat loss results! I became strong, more confident, athletic and found myself a new hobby. Consequently, I looked forward to the gym to improve my lifts each week. Because watching my body sculpt as I progressed my lifts was so motivating! It should be noted ladies, that I also love to enter the free weights area of the gym now! And show the men how to lift properly! Weight training has sky rocketed my confidence. And I now don’t worry about what others judging my technique because my foundation of knowledge is good. Good luck!



Body Transformations Require Lifestyle Tailoring




Body Transformations: Rob Petch

Luke is a very enthusiastic, committed, and knowledgeable PT. And very focused and keen to help you achieve your personal goals in an enjoyable, but challenging way. Further, I would highly recommend Luke both on a one to one and online personal trainer basis.

Update (2 years later – 15.9.15) Worth every penny and highly motivated to do the best for his clients. As a result, I have achieved gains, gains and more gains under his guidance!

Update 30.4.16: Enthusiasm for and commitment to helping clients is never-ending. Personal trainer, mentor and friend. Don’t hesitate…. book a session.




Mindset Transformations are Important like Body Transformations


Body Transformations: Vanessa Brown

Body Transformations: Vanessa

Body Transformations: Vanessa

A simplified; diet plan, training regime and accountability support are all you need! Then, you will achieve your own successful journey too! When I started my journey with Luke I was over 12 stone. And I had no nutritional knowledge. Because of this I couldn’t effectively lose weight. As a result, I was constantly confused on what the best methods towards training were. So, 4-5 months later and I was 10 stone 10 pounds and SO much stronger and more athletic. In addition, I had newly found confidence, good technique and sharper knowledge. And this allowed me to go to the gym without feeling an ounce of insecurity!

As well as becoming consistent for the long term. Further, I could actually adhere to my diet plan. Subsequently, my results naturally happened. Although an effective diet plan is required to lose weight, I want to just express that it’s much more than losing weight. Because my #builtbybodyreach journey has helped massively with my mental state too!! In fact, I used to really struggle with self-confidence before Luke’s guidance and training. And suffered from anxiety, and mild depression. But these days I walk into any part of the gym with confidence.


The Best Body Transformations are Simple by Method


Body Transformations: Jack

Body Transformations: Jack

Body Transformations: Jack Chesters

Where do I start except saying I highly recommend! So, I did a 30-day challenge with body reach and had great results. In fact, much better than expected results. And my goal was to lose some weight and become leaner. Which is exactly what I received! Because the whole process was so simplified and I found it easy to adhere.

Further, the support was there whenever I needed it! Kate and Luke know exactly what they’re talking about. And have a large amount of knowledge when it comes to fitness and diets. So, a big thanks to Body Reach so far and more results to come! Lastly, whatever your goals are I can 100% guarantee Body Reach can guide you!



Knowledge is Key to Achieve Body Transformations




Body Transformations: Steph Grundy

Hey! I have been working with Body Reach now for 4 months because I had put on some weight due to an operation. And I have now achieved my goal! Furthermore, I haven’t once

felt restricted on this plan. Because it’s all lifestyle adapted and about enjoying things in moderation.

Moreover, this is all down to the education Luke provides on a weekly basis. As a result, this provides you with the knowledge to fit the plan around your life. The support and guidance that Luke provides is extremely educated and personable.

As a consequence, it makes fitness and nutrition so understandable and without all the confusion! And for what Body Reach coaching provides, it’s a bargain! I’d recommend anyone to join no matter what your goals are – if you’re willing to put the work in, you will gain success here.


Body Transformations Grow from Consistency 


Body Transformations: Alice Parr

I have been Personal Training with Luke and following his advice and programs for years. As a consequence, I have built muscle and lost fat. As well as improved my confidence lifting big weights in the gym. And if I am unwell or away, I never regress in my physique.

Body Transformations: Alice

Body Transformations: Alice

Personal Training with Luke has helped me with understanding the fundamentals. And enjoying my training and nutrition without unnecessary worrying. In addition, I consistently aim to train 3 (4 at most) times a week and never over train. Because this way I can maintain it as part of my lifestyle. When Luke says consistency is key, it is so true. Because when we’re consistent we can have the occasional takeaway or day off training. And progress all the same. Moreover, 2-3 hours out of our week to train is nothing compared to the quality of life in return.

Body Reach teaches you to find balance. As a result, your fitness journey enhances your life – not takes from it. By choosing a professional experienced Personal Training service you will find the actual short cut to your goals. Because any fad diets that offer unrealistic expectations or ‘fast results’ only lead to confusion, disappointment and YO-YO cycles. So, when you receive scientific based advice it’s just a matter of time until results come and last! And you won’t need endless amounts of patience because results will consistently occur! Now, go and smash it!


Tasty Foods and Body Transformations Exists!


Body Transformations: Jo Poole

It’s not your typical diet at Body Reach! But it is the type of diet where you don’t actually feel like you’re on a diet, crazy right! Further, no one person is the same when it comes to dieting. Because some people like to eat smaller more frequent meals and some prefer bigger less frequent meals. And we all have different taste preferences too. When it comes to progress it’s all about the individual’s tailored statistics. And what YOUR body needs to progress. Luke is an experienced expert and in my opinion “my hero” in providing the exact information required to unlock success.

Body Transformations: Jo

Body Transformations: Jo

Once you are tailored it’s then perseverance, dedication and support that will bring your goals to life! So, I am only one month in but had to leave a review! I am now already confident in how it works and am dedicated to keep the results incoming. It is 100% not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that is easily maintained through Luke’s simplified and educational support. It should be noted that I get to eat chocolate! Yes, really! I have chocolate because I earn it and I progress nevertheless! Because I know exactly what my body requires on a daily basis.

So, I get to enjoy ‘naughty foods’ because they are simply in my budget. And the workouts that Luke creates are brilliant but also tailored to home, outdoors or gym. And are perfectly challenged for you. Further, I don’t go to a gym and have achieved my results from 3 x 30 min workouts a week. Also, all from the comfort of my own home using only my own body weight! With that said, I am going to invest in a barbell and lift weights from home soon!



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