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So, we are Luke and Kate Walker and are personal trainers online as well as one to one trainers in our studio. In addition, we both have a passion for fitness and helping others achieve personal goals. And we understand the various obstacles that can make getting fitter, a little harder! Because you most likely have a busy work, family and maybe even social life too. Similarly, we have a daughter called Sophie, a son called Leo, a large extended family and a busy work life! Now, you may be surprised to learn that we are foodies…probably like yourself. But I mean, if you weren’t a foodie before kids then you probably became one afterwards (scraps galore). Either way, we’ll teach you to understand lifestyle nutrition. So, that you can too enjoy your food, achieve your goals and have energy for the family.

As Experienced Personal Trainers Online We Understand


Indeed, we can relate to the difficulty of being effective at work. And the energy required afterwards to entertain the family and keep the house tidy, whilst trying to keep healthy! Secondly, this is where our balanced lifestyle approach to training, food and accountability comes in. As well as our experience! Thirdly, this blog on 9 ways to make time for exercise with a busy schedule might fire up your motivation. Because, we feel it’s important that you hear it elsewhere too! Anyway, here’s a little about us and our journeys to date…

Our Home Gym Transformation


Similarly to our body and mind transformations we have also worked on our garage since day one. And momentum (as we know with exercise) is super important. Because it’s what has got us to where we are now! In addition, we have trained in our living rooms, the park here and there and of course, the garage. Furthermore, this drives our main point home that we tell clients all the time. And that’s that you can achieve your goals from anywhere.

Insight into Your Personal Trainers Online Journeys!

A Snapshot of Kate & her Journey

First and foremost I am a mum to two wonderful young children Sophie and Leo. And I live for creating memories with my family. So, I understand how important it is to tailor fitness journeys that fit into busy lifestyles. My passion for health and fitness started when I was at school and led me to becoming a Head of PE at a large secondary school in Manchester. I started teaching in 2012 and met my husband (Luke) in 2014. And since then I became an online Personal Trainer with Body Reach! Anyway, I understand what it’s like to not have much time to achieve personal fitness goals. Because juggling two jobs, a family and regular exercise is challenging which is why I love supporting others to do the same. I played netball regularly until I had my first child in 2018. And have a passion for weight training which is what helped my recovery post births and transformed my physique. Moreover, I believe it is such an empowering method of training for women.  And I am passionate about helping as many realize it’s potential. 

A Snapshot of Luke & his Journey

Since I can remember exercise has been a part of my life. But that’s predominantly due to playing football from a younger age, whether on the street or the pitch! In addition, circuit training and weight training played bit parts throughout the years. However, weight training only became a consistent part of my life around the age of 26 which was inevitable. Because I always loved the confident, challenging and empowering feeling it gave me. So, I have played football semi professionally and have competed in natural bodybuilding getting to the NPA British Finals in my first year. Although, I haven’t competed since due to our ever growing Body Reach team. As well as our Walker family tree. With that being said, it’ll just be Body Reach growing from here, now we’ve a girl and boy!! Lastly, I am not naturally the fittest but have ran a 20 minute 5k. And achieved an FFMI close to 25 with good, not great genetics. As a result, my journey has is proof that hard, consistent work pays off!

Are you ready for your Transformation?

Lastly, every journey begins with the first step and you have to start somewhere. So, see you on the other side!

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