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  • Is walking good for weight loss

    Is Walking Good for Weight Loss

    You might find your answer to 'Is walking good for weight loss' in a bodybuilders competition prep regime. Because it's something they do a lot and they get absolutely shredded to the bone. But
  • Weight to height chart

    Weight to Height Chart

    The weight to height chart is actually a decent guide for those who don't lift weights. But instead lead generally active lifestyles via exercise such as walking or running. Those who do enjoy
  • body fat percent

    Body fat healthy percentage

    A body fat healthy percentage for humans must be within a certain range, otherwise health will be compromised whether too low or too high. In addition, body fat levels dictate how we look but can
  • weights before or after cardio

    Weights Before or After Cardio

    Should you do weights before or after cardio? It boils down to what's most important to your goals. When fitness is the main goal you're best starting with cardio. And you can then push those
  • How Many Calories Should I Burn Daily

    How Many Calories Should I Burn Daily

    How many calories should I burn daily is the hot question everyone wants to know! And it depends on your individual lifestyle. Such as, metabolism, general daily movement and how many times you
  • Food to Gain Weight

    Best Food to Gain Weight

    The best food to gain weight is the food that you like the taste of and can keep in your diet sustainably. However, if you naturally have a lower appetite it'll need to be calorie dense foods.
  • Is muscle heavier than fat

    Is Muscle Heavier than Fat

    The historical question, is muscle heavier than fat has long been in the Google search hall of fame. And we understand why such confusion came about - scale sorcery! But a pound of bricks weighs
  • diets high in protein

    Diets High in Protein

    Diets high in protein work! But hundreds of 'fast weight loss diets' can be both misleading and tempting. But 90% of them are a pile of shit. And choosing one that actually works/one you can
  • Best Weight Loss Exercise

    Best Weight Loss Exercise

    So, you're on a health kick and want to know what the best weight loss exercise is. Because then you can improve the quality of your training. And as a result achieve your goals faster without
  • How much Weight can you Lose in a Month

    How much Weight can you Lose in a Month?

    How much weight can you lose in a month? Well, some people can lose as much as 10 pounds! But don't get carried away just yet. Because as you've probably gathered, weight loss is comprised of

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