Is Muscle Heavier than Fat

The historical question, is muscle heavier than fat has long been in the Google search hall of fame. And we understand why such confusion came about – scale sorcery! But a pound of bricks weighs the same as a pound of feathers. Also, if fat and muscle were placed in identical bowls, weighing the same amount, the bowls would look quite different. Because muscle is more dense than fat taking up less space – especially as you accumulate more muscle tissue over time.

Since the dawn of weight loss there’s been an obsession over our weight relative to earths gravitational pull. But when we think about it, people see shapes not digits. However, over time you’ll certainly lose plenty of scale weight too, just not linearly but in bouts. And here’s where body composition enters the conversation.


Is Muscle Heavier than Fat?

Undoubtedly, we get asked this question predominantly by females. But males go through the exact same experience just as frequently yet aren’t as negatively afflicted. Initially, as our clients enter negative energy balance (calorie deficit) to burn fat they experience scale plateau’s like you probably have. But their shape COMPLETELY transforms such as the waist shrinking, for example. And this is because we combine fat loss with muscle building/strength training!


Is Muscle Heavier than Fat?


Furthermore, fat takes up 15-20% more room than muscle does. And this may sound like less than you thought. But two bodies weighing equal, look drastically different when one is fatter and the other more muscular.


An Image with Zero Scale Loss.

Here is an example of our client Ben who is currently 4 months into his journey. As you can see he looks amazing yet didn’t lose a pound! Although, in the future his scale weight will certainly drop. Because initially the body is so sensitive to muscle building that it occurs fairly quickly and can balance out fat loss rates. Although, after 6-12 months it begins to slow down and this is where fat loss speed starts to out pace muscle gaining. It should be noted, it is much harder and longer to build muscle than it is to burn fat.


Is muscle heavier than fat


Importantly, when assessing progress we must focus on picture progression every 6 weeks. In addition to that training performance! Are you getting stronger? If you are, you’re most probably building muscle! Then, there are measurements and the scales that add up to make a well rounded assessment toolbox! Moreover, you can use these as your goal body navigators for feedback on whether your programming is effective. Basically, never rely on the scales!


Lastly, weight loss takes a small pear to a smaller pear without enhancing body shape or athleticism. And many people aren’t happy with their end look because of this (skinny fat). Also, weight loss has no effect on disease prevention (Sarcopenia/type 2 diabetes) like muscle tissue does. In addition, muscle tissue speeds up metabolic rate. Resulting in burning more calories at rest!

Finally, if they aren’t enough…being strong is empowering!


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