Often wonder how fat loss is done right? And how it should be carried out for results that actually work and also last? So many of us have this same question in common that we ask literally throughout our entire life! But especially in desperation before the summer months or an occasion! Because the truth is, many of us are unfortunately chronic life long dieters and it has to change. Furthermore, the bridge between wanting and having shouldn’t be like trying to find platform 9 3/4 to catch the Hogwarts express!


How Fat Loss doesn’t Work

We have a sea of myths just lurking around the corner of your journey. And here a few below that should never ever be followed!

Cut carbs out because insulin (ghosts) are making you fat.

Stop eating fat because, well, fat makes you fat.

And protein is clearly poisonous, damages your liver. Oh and makes you fat.



Awkward, we now have no food groups left to eat. Next they’ll be telling us water is fattening. With only junk food left on the table…oh wait, junk food definitely makes us fat. Death it is! Now there is obviously more merit to the junk food bit but it totally depends on the context. For example, eat only junk but stay within your maintenance calories and you won’t gain fat. Although, your health profile, energy and recovery will worsen (as will your body composition due to sub optimal protein). So, we’ll only gain body fat IF we consume too many carbohydrates, fats and protein. Of which takes us above our daily maintenance calories leading to extra energy storage.


Fancy a Fat Loss Shortcut?


Then look no further because here’s the realm of sorcery pills and potions that disobey the laws of thermodynamics! Jokes. But how popular are weight loss pills and ‘magical’ fat burning powders (often sold by network marketing mates!) these days. Or those books people like to write including secret starvation (fasting) methods. You know, the ones where you don’t eat for 13 days and just about remember your name. Followed by regurgitating an hours worth of food at an all you can eat Chinese buffet. Before once again entering ‘until full moon starvation’ once again. Hopefully you can sense my sarcasm. But the audacity of these people expecting people to buy a book that tells them to starve themselves. It BLOWS my mind.


You can Drink Wine and Drop Body Fat

Just sign up now. I mean need I say more? Granted, some people like to make their life miserable and go KETO (fats and protein only). But I say, how can you ever trust someone who doesn’t eat carbs? Because what is life without wine, popcorn and chocolate for months at a time? We be like “okay mate, as well as feeling fat why not add depression to the party”.


Instead of all of the above myths, incorporate the 4 points below without any deprivation! But what about sugar? Yes you needn’t worry about that either just total calories per day. Because not one food can make you fat unless you eat more than your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE). Obviously, too much refined sugar isn’t great for health but you can eat as many fruits as you like. As a consequence of having this knowledge you can now achieve your goals and simultaneously enjoy your food!

How Fat Loss Needs Sustainability

To eat less and move more is indeed true, but it’s also extremely vague. And dropping body fat is anything but vague. Firstly, the best way to lose body fat is to ensure that your methods have sustainability at their core. Without a sustainable schedule or targets you can’t persist for long enough to see results. Not without your body wreaking havoc physically and mentally anyway. On top of this, keeping your results (if you get them in the first place) is impossible without education and habits in place.


Key Fundamentals to How Fat Loss Works


1. Calorie Deficit

Ensuring that you are in a calorie deficit is king! As, eating less than your body needs is what will then burn stored fat for fuel. A 500 calorie deficit achieves around one pound per week fat loss. And it’s this more moderate approach that’s easier to sustain breeding vastly higher success. In addition, a 1,000 daily calorie deficit (much harder to sustain) will drop you around two pounds per week. These numbers are purely fat weight, not other compositions such as water or glycogen.


2. Lifting weights

Lifting weights 3-5 times weekly is the best thing you can do to both burn calories and enhance your body shape. Also, as the years progress you’ll boost your metabolism by 200-400 calories making it easier to maintain weight. In addition, lifting weights when dieting prevents you from turning skinny fat by protecting muscle tissue from being used as fuel.


3. Protein

Similarly to lifting weights, having 3-4 daily servings of protein allows your body to build and preserve more muscle. And not only is protein the most satiating macro. But our body will also burn 20-30 calories for every 100 consumed to simply digest it! So, a constant influx of protein throughout the day supports and protects your muscles. And guides your body to use body fat as the fuel source. Lastly, proteins are the building blocks of the body and contain amino acids that are vital to the repair and growth of all connective tissues, especially muscles!


4. Step Counts or General Movement Targets

Move wherever possible! A step goal, doing the garden or flying through housework all add to your daily calorie deficit! However, you can actually track step counts. Furthermore, when general movement is higher you can rely less on lowering calories from food, making life happier. In addition, this type of movement is so gentle on the body that it doesn’t require recovery. Therefore, doesn’t negatively impact your energy needed to keep getting stronger in the gym. For example, lots of HITT training would make you very sore and this fatigue would cross over into your strength training. Because if we can’t keep getting stronger (due to fatigue), we can’t build muscle. And if we get weaker we may lose muscle! The general goal is typically 10,000 steps per day and only increasing as and when required.


This is an interesting blog called How to Lose Body Fat in a Sustainable Way by Women’s Health. For the fellas, 95% of it still relates to you as fat loss universal.


5. Accountability

School and being employed are two examples of being held accountable. Contrarily, when we pursue a fitness goal, it’s just us, unless you have a fitness coach! Furthermore, on bad days or when we don’t have the adequate knowledge to tackle a plateau your coach is your guide and accountability. Thus, you focus on implementing devised structure, without any noise.


The above points account for 95+ percent of successful fat loss endeavors! And armed with this knowledge you can save the cash you would normally spend on bottles of dust. Then, you can invest it elsewhere, like an online coach! We hope you learned something from this blog, here’s another one that could be of interest. It’s called Not Losing Weight and highlights why so many are unsuccessful.




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