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  • self conscious about exercise

    Self Conscious About Exercise?

    Rewind to myself in a gym five years ago and I was desperate to feel less self conscious about exercise. I was guessing my way through training, attending a range of exercise classes and trying
  • Online Personal Training

    How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

    This is a common question we get asked at Body Reach by our online clients. But there is no one size fits all so we strive to educate our Body Reach members. That eating a balanced diet is a
  • Weight loss recipe

    Hunters stew weight loss recipe

    Here’s a scrumptious and healthy weight loss recipe for a classic, Hunters Stew!

    You can eat with the family without worrying about specific macros or having to cook yourself separate meals
  • Weight Loss: Do Diet Plans Work?

    Weight Loss: Do Diet Plans Work?

    In a saturated fitness market finding an effective, long lasting weight loss plan can feel confusing and might seem impossible. Body Reach has helped lots of people who have previously tried an
  • Can exercise help anxiety

    How Can Exercise Help Anxiety?

    Help Anxiety by Exercising Regularly
    Shortness of breath, lack of focus and light being headed are all feelings that would restrict me at work every day. I exercised regularly in a gym but would
  • Maintain fitness progress

    Maintain Fitness Progress When Life Gets Busy

    When life gets busy, instead of quitting, maintain your fitness progress! 
    Life will throw us curve balls from time to time. So what do we do to counter it? We simply train less frequently for
  • not losing weight

    Not Losing Weight

    I'm Not Losing Weight and I Only Drink 2 Shakes A day!
    Binge, restrict, binge, restrict and as a result, not losing weight. Sound familiar? You certainly aren't on your own! Fad diets always
  • Cardio for weight loss

    Cardio for weight Loss?

    I do hours of cardio for weight loss each day!

    No matter how much I do, zero weight loss results.

    Energy Balance

    You can’t out move a poor diet no matter how much cardio for weight loss
  • Healthy pancakes

    Healthy Pancakes

    We often get bored of eating the same breakfasts but haven't the time with work and families and so need easy and quick recipes. Healthy food that takes just minutes to put together is what we
  • Weight loss tips

    Weight Loss Tips

    Weight Loss Tips
    When it comes to fat burning and weight loss tips, it's super important to not waste energy doing the wrong things! Without further ado, here is the fundamentals

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