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Interestingly, Personal Trainer near me is typed into Google over 27,000 times per month which shows clear intention. Unfortunately, almost 14,000 of the 27,000 search results, don’t even get a click! And the ones that do, not many follow through for various reasons. For example, analyses paralyses stops us in our track instantly (too many to choose from). Further, a lack of confidence to approach a PT or to enter a gym (where most of them are). In addition, your work/life schedule must match the personal trainers which can be inconvenient and tricky. Especially when you have to cancel last minute.


Personal Trainer Near Me or Anywhere in the World?

Now, I’m not saying there aren’t benefits to 1-1 personal training. Namely, technique teaching (although online does include tutorials/technique video feedback), low motivation levels or someone to talk to. But, when you break the raw benefits down it’s clear to see that the majority come from the personal trainers brain. Thus, in the form of knowledge, education, guidance, daily/weekly accountability check ins and support. So, does it matter if it’s communicated face to face, by video, voice note or text? Moreover, it’s the structured tailoring in regard to training and nutrition that negates obstacles in the first place. Because your fitness journey get’s adapted to your life. And not your life adapted to a fitness journey.


Some Potential One to One Drawbacks

Furthermore, do you need a personal trainer to count your reps and place the weight pin for the next set? Or push you ‘passed your limits’ so you feel sick? Despite not having trained or eaten well the previous 6 days? Because it will lead to being crippled for another week and losing more progress. And you’ll eventually resent exercise, as it will feel like punishment or a chore. And no amount of intense exercise in one hour can catch up for the week! So, you need a script to prevent always feeling confused. You know, the what, how and why bits put on paper in an understandable, simplified way. Then, you get to implement, enjoy and achieve your goals. In addition, having multiple PT sessions is also expensive. So, online coaching is invaluable both to save cash and receive expert advice simultaneously.


Goals don’t Require Maximal Efforts

For example, the application of tailored structure with moderate consistent effort, more than suffice to achieve your goals! So, why kill yourself in one PT session when it won’t bring more results? Yet, will worsen your long term adherence via fatigue, motivation or injury? And as the famous saying goes “train to stimulate, not annihilate”. Lastly, when searching for expert advice, have a little think to yourself of exactly what it is you need. Because if it’s knowledge, tailoring, daily support and guidance you needn’t worry about being in the same area code as your PT. And this deems the personal trainer near me question irrelevant! Because then, you can train anywhere, anytime with anything!


With the above said, we do offer both services. However, 70% of our clients are indeed, online! We hope this blog helped to break down the stigma that you NEED a gym personal trainer. Furthermore, here’s a blog on 5 benefits you’ll get from online personal training.


For further reading on our online coaching approach just check this page out.

Ever tried online personal training?

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