Fat Dissolving Injections

First and foremost, I’m talking about fat dissolving injections to help those who have been completely misinformed their entire life. Because it has lead you to search Google for a procedure that shouldn’t even exist. Secondly, I have literally just learned it’s even a thing with almost 20,000 of you searching for it not monthly, not yearly! But it shows just how desperate said misinformation makes people who just want to increase their confidence and health! And there are so many levels of problems with pursuing fat dissolving injections that I don’t know where to start. But I’ll try and develop some order out of my current (passionate yet chaotic) rage at the health industries greedy agendas.


So, here me out on my attempt to be the bridge between what you’re searching for and what you actually need.


Fat Dissolving Injections Problem Number One

Even if this ‘procedure’ was to work, you aren’t solving the source of the problem. Namely, your knowledge of eating and exercise habits. Because eventually you’ll end up in the exact same situation and need to pay for the same expensive procedure again. Despite living a life of deprivation and guilt throughout! And a little junk food never hurt anyone! But of course, balance like in any aspect of life, is key which is where education comes in.


Fat Dissolving Injections Problem Number Two

You will miss out on the physiological and psychological benefits that come from a fitter, healthier, stronger, more productive, happier and more energized body! Not to mention the anti ageing benefits. And that’s not from those expensive ‘miracle bottles’ either! For example, we collectively spend millions on moisturizing creams yet don’t put the best foods into our body. And that’s what actually slows down the ageing process! Because food is literally a messenger of information to our body. And exercise converts that food into transformations. Moreover, you’ve heard it before but you are indeed what you eat (and do)!


Fat Dissolving Injections Problem Number Three

As a consequence of grasping the basics of nutrition and training you become Independent. And let me tell you, it’s no where near as restrictive or difficult to understand as you currently believe. As a result, you feel liberated. And because of this can easily adhere to your targets so that you actually achieve your goals. So, with choosing this procedure, you’ll be forever at their mercy which takes it’s toll on your body, mind and money!


Fat Dissolving Injections Problem Number Four

Fat dissolving injections tone NOTHING!!! So, even though you may have dropped some body fat, you’re left with that ‘skinny fat’ look. Not that toned, sleek and shapely figure/physique we want that only MOVEMENT provides! Therefore, getting stronger and fitter is an absolute necessity.


Fat Dissolving Injections Problem Number Five

Our actions can so easily inspire the youth wrongly via short cut approaches and short lived results. Despite teaching them the importance of hard work and that knowledge is power from a young age. As a result we promote this viscous cycle and the important stuff get’s swept under the rug. Because the more people that pay for these procedures, the sooner that 20,000 (fat dissolving injections) google search becomes millions! And one day it could be a loved one that feels lost and is in pursuit of temporary shortcuts.


Fat Dissolving Injections Bonus Problems


What Is It?

The injections contain deoxycholic acid which is a man-made substance similar to bile which is marketed as aqualyx. Now, I could mention so many negatives to this topic. But I’ll keep to the main issues.


First, you can’t burn fat collectively (like you can when in a calorie deficit) as in off your body as a whole. Rather, you can dissolve fat cells in small areas like the chin or lower tummy (up to 40+ injections at a time!). Second, you may spend anywhere from £540-1,500 for a course! Third, doctors say that it can be very uncomfortable for 3-5 days after and that swelling can last up to 3 weeks. Fourth, the effects wear off after 2-4 years before needing to empty your pockets once again (promotes zero positive habits/independence). Furthermore, it never addresses the source of the problem which is having unhealthy body fat levels which bring with them health consequences.


Bizarrely, the lady and advocate (who spent £5,000) on this post warns that “the effects only last if you keep an eye on your weight” (mind blown). Er, why not drop body fat the right way with a Personal Trainer whilst saving money and your sanity? And not only lose the weight but have the knowledge to know how to keep it off.. Then reap all the other aforementioned health benefits too. Additionally she wrongly touts “if you try to lose hip dips at the gym you get muscly legs” (OMG). I can’t even, so I’m going to leave it here before this stupidity makes me spontaneously combust. Just please understand that these companies/people will say and do ANYTHING for your cash.


5 Key Solutions to Burning Body Fat Healthily


Now, we have many blogs on here but there’s a few things that you’ll want to pay particular attention to when it comes to burning body fat and losing weight! The following will provide a foundational understanding of what brings best results and allows you to keep them forever! And in the future we can dive a little deeper into the how and why bits! But it’s as simple as the below points!


Calorie Deficit

Let’s say you consume 2,250 calories a day (including exercise) and maintain both weight and body fat levels. In order to burn one pound of fat per week you would need to eat around 1,750 calories which is a 500 daily calorie deficit. To clarify, there are 3,500 calories in one pound of fat. So, a 500 daily calorie deficit multiplied by 7 days a week totals 3,500!


Weight Lifting

Now, weight lifting doesn’t get you big muscles (I wish it did) unless you’re taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDS). But what they do do is burn calories whilst simultaneously improving body shape and sculpting! So, it makes sense to weight lift to do two things at once which is burn fat and build muscle! Aim to weight lift 3-4 times per week and perform exercises such as; deadlifts, back squats, chest presses, rows and overhead presses! But take your time to learn technique initially.



Notice how I didn’t say cardio!? Yes, cardio burns calories but so does walking and weight training. And most of the fat burning results come from calorie placement (1,750) not sweating like crazy on the cross trainer. Now, cardio can help but it can raise hunger which means you simply cancel out the calories burned by eating more food. High intensity interval training (HIIT) or aggressive cardio training is also very fatiguing due to it’s high impact nature. And this can deplete motivation levels and reduce strength when weight training and that’s what builds our shape! So, if you want to utilize HIIT simply incorporate it into your training schedule once or twice per week at most. Aim for a 8-10,000 daily step count to enhance the fat burning process without tiring yourself out (low impact by nature).



Ever get a little confused when it comes to macros!? Basically, protein is important for a few reasons. Firstly, its the most filling macro nutrient of the three (protein, fats, carbs) which helps loads when dieting. Secondly, for every 100 calories your body burns around 20-30 of them just to break down and metabolize protein! Thirdly, protein builds muscle which improves our body composition (muscle to fat ratio). And is what allows us to not finish our diet looking skinny fat’ but shapely and muscular! Basically, we get to eat more calories than we otherwise would and not put on weight (it’s very hard to convert protein into fat). Ultimately, if protein is low, we’ll lose fat slower and less efficiently. In addition, having less muscle sparing protein in the diet means muscle get’s burned as fuel and we get weaker!



Now, I can’t put this point across enough. And that’s that your lifestyle tailored fitness journey should not be difficult to follow! Thus, it must suit your personality, lifestyle and goals. Namely, you shouldn’t need to cut out ANYTHING (sugar/junk food) or eat like a sodding rabbit! And please DON’T go to the gym every single boring day! As a consequence of having a balanced weekly routine you will find yourself easily adhering every week. Then, you will see true life changing, life lasting results. For example; staying consistent for one year with three weight lifting sessions per week, 10,000 steps per day and a smart calorie deficit with protein targets will bring you a complete body and mind transformation.



Finally, short term, extreme measures will lose you your sanity. And get you nowhere except to more desperate questions like this ‘fat dissolving injections’ one. And from our 12+ years of experience there’s nothing more inspirational to others than an individual who has achieved their results naturally. Because their demeanor and outlook on life changes with their physical transformation. And it truly enhances every other aspect of their life.



Have we managed to change your method, increase your knowledge and put you on the healthy path to your goals?


To get in touch simply visit our home page where we can work more closely with you. And finally take you out of the rat race that is the misguided and unregulated fitness world.

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