Personal Training in the Home Environment

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  Personal Training in the Home Environment does Offer Privacy The benefits that personal training in the home environment (or gym for that matter) bring are great. But today many (whether training at home or the gym) use online coaching and for good reason! Because the benefits are many! However, when it comes to deciding...

Can You Lose Weight Whilst Pregnant?

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If you’re reading this blog then you are trying to find out if it is safe for you to lose weight whilst you are pregnant. The straight forward answer is no, it’s not recommended to try to lose weight whilst pregnant, even if you are considered to be overweight or obese. Let’s delve a little...

Personal Trainer Near Me

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Interestingly, Personal Trainer near me is typed into Google over 27,000 times per month which shows clear intention. Unfortunately, almost 14,000 of the 27,000 search results, don’t even get a click! And the ones that do, not many follow through for various reasons. For example, analyses paralyses stops us in our track instantly (too many...

Exercising in First Trimester: Yes it is safe!

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Exercising in first trimester is a brilliant way to ease those nasty symptoms of sickness and nausea. Taking some time out to move is refreshing, energising and helps to re-balance your mental health during one of the toughest phases of your pregnancy. You are safe to continue with your exercise regime with careful consideration.   ...

Water Retention Causes

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What is Water Retention? Quite simply, water retention causes can be for various reasons. And it can be as simple as less is coming in than usual. So, we hold onto more. Other causes can be due to time of the month, stress, illness and high salt meals to name a few. Basically, humans are...

Fit Coach Benefits

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The benefits of a Fit Coach can be simple but equally invaluable. Because they act as your personal SATNAV guiding you passed obstacles and down the path that is right for you. And then the journey to your goals can be enjoyed without headaches of doing it solo. The Benefits of a Fit Coach  ...

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