When life gets busy, instead of quitting, maintain your fitness progress! 

Life will throw us curve balls from time to time. So what do we do to counter it? We simply train less frequently for less time each session. And if we have to, make training more convenient by training at home. Exercises like push ups, handstand shoulder presses, pull ups, 1 leg squats and jump lunges are good swaps. They will allow you to maintain fitness progress.

You could contact an amazing personal trainer…and they could create you a Body Reach fitness plan that adapts perfectly to your life 😉

You may usually train 5 times weekly and have to halve it due to your busy schedule. But we know that it takes no where near the efforts to maintain fitness progress as it does to achieve new results.

Even personal trainers can be all or nothing but we all regret it months later when wanting to acquire health and fitness again.

My own personal training has had to take a back seat recently due to other commitments. To counter it, I lowered my frequency/time and raised my intensity, training closer to failure. This not only will maintain my fitness progress but potentially increases results due to training more intensely.

Swim with the tide, not against it.

When you get a busy life busy maintain progress so that you don’t grow frustrated by playing catch up every few month.

When life calms down we fully commit and make new ground. By this point you will have also developed the skill of merging your fitness pursuits whether they be weight loss, muscle gain or fitness to your life for optimal sustainability.

This way you will continuously improve throughout the year and never fall behind.

Do you sometimes have to maintain progress?


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