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Personal online training is basically having a PT in your pocket! And how handy is that! Especially in today’s chaotic social media times. You have a question? It’s a message, audio note or phone call away. How many times have you had a past question and spent days, weeks or even months trying figuring it out. Only to land more confused than ever. Because there’s so much conflicting information out there. Endless myths and pointless costly supplements that prey on your desperation. As a result, by the time you consider personal online training your pockets are empty! So, before you do that, here’s some benefits of having personal online training:


  • You’ll save lots of time – and I don’t know about you but I’m reminded of this mortal fact daily!
  • You’ll spend your cash only on results – not agendas!
  • You’ll economize your finite energy. And save it for what matters such as; family, work, training, planning etc.
  • You’ll climb the right ladder from the off. Achieving your goals with certainty
  • You’ll be taught the fundamentals to maintain your results easily


What Personal Online Training Includes

Personal online training should include a holistic approach to your goals. Your online personal trainer shouldn’t rely on any one thing or promise. For example, if you’re sold supplements to solve your problems, run the other way. Similarly, if your online personal trainer over sells; intermittent fasting, fasted cardio or low carb diets keep looking. Furthermore, low fat, special slimming shakes or an only cardio approach without nutritional education, again, run. As this shows limited knowledge and over reliance on one route or factor. So, to achieve your goals requires a balanced approach such as:


  • Specific calorie/macro targets that you can stick to aside your busy life
  • Meal guides that aren’t rigid and teach you the how’s, when’s and what’s
  • A none obsessive approach to food I.e you don’t have to take out all junk food. And feel deprived but to instead have caveatsĀ 
  • A tailored training plan (including exercise tutorials) that is specific. In addition, ever adapting, progressive, varied and challenging for YOU!
  • Frequent check ins and feedback to maximize your accountability and consistency
  • A private portal that compartmentalizes important data collected, avoiding you feeling overwhelmed
  • Tracking metrics like; your performance, measurements, scales and picture progression (not just the scales!)
  • Further education on not just your targets (calories) but also tricks and tips to improve your adherence (minimizing hunger for example)
  • Consistent results without false promises. I.e drop a stone in a month which is physiologically impossible
  • Daily WhatsApp contact to keep you feeling supported


Fitness should be Adapted to your Lifestyle, not your Lifestyle Adapted to Fitness

Experienced online personal trainers ensure your tailored programming is adapted to your lifestyle. It has to slot in, not take over your life. Then, you can stick to your programming long term. And collect results with ease.


So, take your PT everywhere you go! The gym, the kitchen, out for the day and even on holiday! There are no limits! And if you would like your PT to assess your technique more closely, you can book an online session with them! Then, go over the fundamental exercises that comprise your program! Lastly, even coaches need coaches. To push themselves to the next level! Or just to have someone be there, support, guide and pay interest and pride in their results.


Which bullet point benefit would be most valuable to you?


For information on personal online training just get in touch with us on this page.


For further information on the benefits of online coaching check this informative blog out by Trainerize.


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