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‘Lose weight calories’ is Google searched thousands of times every month! But while a calorie deficit is what’s needed, it’s the critical educational bit that enables you to stick to said calorie deficit. Because if you can’t stick to it, it’s of no use to you! So, there are some fantastic ‘diet hacks’ (AKA nutritional knowledge) to incorporate that make dropping body fat feel like ease! Although, we’ll touch on this later…


Lose Weight Calories – It’s Highly Individual

So, how many calories do you need? Well, this (as you probably already know) depends! And following random calorie numbers spat out by Google search via questions like ‘lose weight calories’ is literally playing Russian roulette. And most don’t get lucky! For example:


  • What amount of calories maintains your body weight? (invaluable information)
  • Are you very active outside of exercise or sedentary?
  • Have you been a chronic dieter resulting in a slowed metabolic rate? (makes dropping fat harder)
  • What’s your relationship with food like? (very important)
  • Are you tall or short?
  • High body fat or low body fat?
  • What’s your food composition (protein, fats, carbs) like?
  • Are you mindful of body composition (muscle vs fat) or is any weight loss the goal? (because er, skinny fat!)


The Binge – Restrict Cycle

As you can see already, a calorie deficit is very individual! For example, overshooting calories equals slow progress. And this perishes motivation levels and pushes you towards another fad! But undershooting calories results in crashing into unrecoverable binges, landing in worse shape than where you started!


So, we are 13+ years experienced with this problem. And have worked with hundreds of clients from this bracket type! Hence why it became our niche! Furthermore, this cycle of binge restrict repeats itself for years and even life times for some! Fortunately, we’ve had the pleasure of providing those of our clients that found us, with the solution. Resulting in:


  • A healthy relationship to food
  • A faster metabolic rate
  • Balanced hormones (namely Leptin/Ghrelin/Estrogen/testosterone)
  • High performance for family, work and training
  • Body confidence


Despite everything I have said above, I’m hedging my bets that you still want a calorie target! Ha ha! Am I right? If I am comment below!



Lose Weight Calories – A Target

So, there’s a good old standard place to start:



2,000 calories is roughly the average woman’s maintenance calories (although Kate’s is 2,350).



2,500 calories is roughly the average man’s maintenance calories (although mine is 3,200).



So, keep in mind these are very vague numbers. For example, you may deduct 500 (500 X 7 days = 3,500 calories and 1 pound of fat) calories from 2,000 as a female but your maintenance calories could be 2,350. In which case you’ll have entered an aggressive 850 calorie deficit instead of a 500 calorie one. This acute approach might alarm hunger hormones and in turn raise food obsession. Resulting in ‘falling off the wagon’ before accumulating any success at all. In addition, you’ll rob yourself of that minimalist approach of small dosages. Meaning you’ll shorten your fat loss runway. With a minimalist approach you have tricks up your sleeve to save for plateaus! To figure out your maintenance calories check this blog out!


Furthermore, I’m not even scratching the surface of other issues that can derail you from successfully achieving your body transformation. But you hopefully can see where I am coming from. Yes, a calorie deficit is the goal, yet it’s how you stay in the calorie deficit for long stretches of time that really make the difference.


Here’s a calorie calculator that will get you a little closer than the above! Although remember, it won’t be precise!


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