Flapjack Recipe Healthy: Peanut Butter and Raspberry Indulgence

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A flapjack recipe as healthy as it is tasty!? Who’d have thought a flapjack recipe could be healthy and tasty!? And it’s one of my favorite go to foods when craving something sweet. So, I want to share our healthy flap jack recipe with you. I just love the texture and how different they are...

Chocolate Brownies Easy Recipe: a healthier version

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If you’re anything like me then the thought of a life without sweet treats feels like torture. These chocolate brownies are so fudgy and packed with flavour, I actually prefer them to my Gran’s family famous recipe. But don’t tell her that! I’m always on the look out for alternative ingredients that mean I can...

Hunters stew weight loss recipe

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Here’s a scrumptious and healthy weight loss recipe for a classic, Hunters Stew! You can eat with the family without worrying about specific macros or having to cook yourself separate meals when needing a good weight loss recipe. You will have a great approximation of your calorie targets too which is the most important thing,...

Healthy Pancakes

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We often get bored of eating the same breakfasts but haven’t the time with work and families and so need easy and quick recipes. Healthy food that takes just minutes to put together is what we need in today’s fast moving world and so today we are making healthy pancakes! Just 6 ingredients are required...

Healthy Omelette Recipe!

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This healthy omelette is known as the “pond omelette” in our house. But trust me it tastes 100 times better than it looks! So stop pondering about how green it is and get it cooked! As a Personal Trainer of 10 years I can highly recommend this dish due to its simplicity and extremely efficient...

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