Medicine for Anxiety is Exercise!

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Exercise really is medicine for anxiety, in my case and for many of our clients too. You know, shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, fatigue, worry, a lack of focus and becoming light headed are all feelings that would restrict me at work every day. And it can come in many different forms and effect...

Fitness Journey: Why You Should Never Compare Yourself to Social Media

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If your fitness journey is determined by your starting point and your personal end goal, why is it so easy to compare yourself to fitness models on Instagram? Sometimes you might not even realise you do it, and you’re not alone. We have had an interesting discussion about this topic at Body Reach HQ and...

Training programme: do you find it difficult to stick to one?

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There’s no questions about it, sticking to a training programme can be tough. You miss a couple of sessions, which turns into a couple of weeks which can turn into a couple of months. Well we’re here to tell you that this is completely normal. We all have busy lives, a family, a job etc…...

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