Weight Training to Lose Weight

Instead of weight training to lose weight this blog should really be titled, ‘weight training to lose fat’. However, this isn’t what you typed into Google! So, your PT is being extra savvy so that you actually land here! Similarly, most often humans will choose last minute, inefficient methods as a shortcut for nearing events or holidays. Which is why many continue to choose aggressive approaches to diet and cardio.


Unfortunately, most don’t consider weight training to lose weight despite it burning more calories than walking and promoting multiple benefits. So why not utilise the powerful multitasking effects of weight training as part of your energy burning entourage! Because although those who choose shortcuts, do lose weight they often train one dimensionally, soon getting bored of all the cardio. And results never last very long. Worst of all, the journey ends with little satisfaction because they look how they started, just a little smaller.


Here is where weight training comes into it’s own, you improve aesthetics (body shape) and completely avoid the skinny fat look.



Person A weighs 165 pounds at 35% body fat

Person B weighs 165 pounds at 20% body fat

Who looks better?


Absolutely person B because they have a much better body composition (muscle to fat ratio).


Isn’t muscle also heavier than fat?

Not exactly. Pound for pound, feathers weigh the same as bricks. But the real interesting fact is that muscle is vastly more dense than fat so takes up much less space on the body. The effect of this is a much trimmer, denser and leaner human, albeit there will be some give in terms of scale loss. But who cares if you look amazing! Imagine filling up a bowl of fat and a bowl of muscle and placing them both on scales. The bowl of muscle would be much heavier because you can fit more muscle in due to its compact size! Give this blog a read for further interesting information on this topic!


Additional benefits of weight training are enhanced athleticism, strength, confidence, skill and injury reduction. As well as disease prevention such as osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. But there’s a long game benefit to muscle building that many under estimate. Now, we know that consistent habits are what create success in any aspect of life and fitness is no different. Because those who stick with weight training to lose weight for the longer term will enhance their resting metabolic speed! And from just 2-3 sessions per week.


Weight Training to Lose Weight

Two to three years of smart weight training (genetics dependant) can build a lot of muscle tissue. And this 10-30 pounds can elevate your resting metabolism by 100-250 calories. Although this seems insignificant, it adds up in your favour! Because it means you can maintain your body weight and results on higher calories in the future. And dieting success depends highly on a happy appetite (hormone regulation) and adherence!


A 500 Daily Calorie Deficit Burns One Pound of Fat per week

So, let’s say you have raised your metabolism by 200 extra calories per day from 2-3 years of muscle building! As a result, you now only need to burn another 300 calories per day to achieve the 500 target. And this extra 300 calorie deficit will come from a reduction in food consumption, more weight training or cardio output. Thus, you will achieve a total weekly calorie deficit of 3,500! Which we know surmounts to one juicy pound of fat per week! Bravo!


You can read our other blog to go more in depth on the 3,500 calorie concept!


Has our post influenced you in any way to take up weight training? Did you learn anything? We hope so!

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