Here’s another post for you on the top 10 indirect tips to make muscle grow. And you may have recently read our other blog on the Top 5 Direct Tips for Growing Muscle. However, today we’ll discuss another important topic. Because when starting with the indirect principles, we can then apply the direct ones more effectively.


To Make Muscle Grow We Must Consider Our Lifestyle

Firstly, adherence is the king of indirect tips. Secondly, you must take your lifestyle into consideration prior to program/journey development. Because, you may have a limit on the amount of time you can train for meaning you need to implement time saving specific training methods such as supersets. Or you may only have 3 days per week available to get to the gym. So, training volume needs to be cleverly compartmentalized. Furthermore, limited access to equipment, high stress levels and low discipline are all issues that could hold you back.

For example, have you ever considered a coach for your bespoke lifestyle programming? Because it can really be a differentiating factor. In addition you get their knowledge, education and support. Ultimately, most think they have low will power. However, it’s most often confusion amongst the other things mentioned.


Watch Your Muscle Grow With These Tips



Without a doubt, having a program and targets to hit does the thinking for you. So, after finishing work on a Monday afternoon and every cell of your being wants to go home, you won’t. Why? Because your training sessions are set to certain days and you’re mentally prepared. Your nutrition targets are set too. Consequently, instead of overthinking, you turn up and tick off your planned objectives that day. Then, watch your muscle grow consistently!



A fitness journey for many must be flexible. And many start their fitness journey with bags of motivation and want to smash the gym seven days per week. However, we recommend starting with 3-4 workouts so that initially you can easily maintain it. Because to continually make muscle grow there will come a point when your body physiologically requires more stimulus. And that’s when you potentially add more exercises or more workouts to your regime. At which point, you’ll be ready mentally and physically.┬áMoreover, the human body responds much better to little and often instead of lots infrequently. And the latter, increases your chance of burnout and injury.



Your journey can be very overwhelming at the start and leads many to confusion. In addition, you may not know who to trust or be unsure what the myths are. Similarly, you might be second guessing everything you’ve read online. This is where an experienced coaches expertise becomes an invaluable investment. Because it allows you to fast track your results and focus on implementing an evidence based approach. As a result, avoiding confusing trial and error experiences that many face and ultimately fail. Therefore, you climb the right goal ladder.


Progress Tracking Tools when Growing Muscle

Firstly, it’s very important that you see progression because without it you’ll lose motivation. Luckily, there are many assessment tools to add to your arsenal. These include; weighing scales, measurements, progress pictures, changes in clothing and performance indicators such as strength progression. What is measured can be managed and this will motivate you to keep improving!


To Make Muscle Grow You Must Have Good Technique

One critical element of strength training is technique. Unfortunately, men typically sacrifice this and ego lift. And this dramatically increases your chances of injury and slower future progression. Due to getting stronger in the wrong movement patterns. On the other hand, women are the opposite in that they master technique from the off. As a result, they get progressively strong in the correct movement pattern! In addition, lifting with full range of movement and control accurately develops the exact muscles we want. Without correct technique, muscles that aren’t meant to be assisting, join in to help out. So, no jerking or swaying the body, keep the tension on the muscles.



Sleep is important because it’s when our body releases human growth hormone in significant amounts. So, our bodies ability for growing muscle is enhanced. Understandably, it’s difficult as a parent (we have two!) try to be savvy where you can with sleep. And it is recommended to aim for 7-8 hours per night if you want to feel human, not like the local zombie. Importantly, going to bed at the same time is one of the best things you can do in regards to your circadian rhythm (22:30-06:00 repeatedly). Lastly, try to avoid blue light past 21:30pm and put your mobile onto night mode around 20:00.



Importantly, stress is something that cannot be controlled but can be managed. For example, banking some time for a hot bath, listening to some music or reading a book go a long way. Similarly, breathing deeply for 4-5 minutes when the kids go to bed helps to calm and slow the brain waves down. And this relaxing effect results in you edging back control. Furthermore, apps such as Headspace can be your guide to calmness and are really easy to follow.



There will come days when you don’t want to exercise and that’s normal. However, when you feel like this consecutively, you must stay disciplined. Because these are the days that actually build your future physique! Also, anyone can train when they feel like it. Discipline is training anyway, when you don’t want to. And structure helps so much with this!


Lastly, choose a form of exercise that you enjoy! Something that makes you feel good, empowered, alive and for many strength training is just that. Because it is a style of exercise where you see short (reps or load) and long term progression (pictures). And getting stronger every week is super motivating. As a consequence of being able to see those small weekly wins, you transform from a mole hill to a mountain!


The How to Make Muscle Grow Blog Conclusion

The body doesn’t like to build more muscle because it is metabolically/energy expensive to maintain for the future. Because of this, we must do our best to support the process.


Which indirect tips most resonate with you?




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