Weight to Height Chart

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The weight to height chart is actually a decent guide for those who don’t lift weights. But instead lead generally active lifestyles via exercise such as walking or running. Those who do enjoy bodybuilding (building a body which anyone can do!) regularly must keep in mind that the body mass index (BMI) becomes invalidated. Especially...

Weights Before or After Cardio

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Should you do weights before or after cardio? It boils down to what’s most important to your goals. When fitness is the main goal you’re best starting with cardio. And you can then push those energy systems and respiratory pathways whilst mentally and physically fresh. After cardio, you can do complimentary weights. But if possible,...

Best Food to Gain Weight

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The best food to gain weight is the food that you like the taste of and can keep in your diet sustainably. However, if you naturally have a lower appetite it’ll need to be calorie dense foods. Because the biggest obstacle when wanting to build muscle is usually not eating enough. And it doesn’t matter...

“How Build Muscle”. Ever asked this question in a rush?

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Firstly, you’re one of 4,500 people who type into Google “how build muscle” every month! So, we thought we’d cover it in today’s blog. And guy or girl, who doesn’t want to build muscle when it’s the only thing that shapes our silhouettes! Despite our natural anthropometrics (bone structure). Anyway, we are going to go...

How to make Muscle Grow – Top 10 Indirect Tips

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Here’s another post for you on the top 10 indirect tips to make muscle grow. And you may have recently read our other blog on the Top 5 Direct Tips for Growing Muscle. However, today we’ll discuss another important topic. Because when starting with the indirect principles, we can then apply the direct ones more...

Growing Muscle – Top 5 Direct Tips!

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Firstly, growing muscle requires a handful of principles to abide by. In doing so, we can make the process of building muscle quicker! In this blog we will share the top 5 most important tips. Then, just hop on that gains train and start growing!   Benefits of Growing Muscle Well, there are endless benefits...

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