To build muscle how much protein do you need? So, this is a great question and a very important one when wanting to gain muscle mass! Because with this knowledge we will progress at the fastest rate possible without wasting energy or will power. Furthermore, this topic continuously has people confused as there are so many opinions! As a result, let’s clear it up so you can get that gains train in full flow. Lastly, for the non weight lifting general person the average recommendations for women are 45 grams per day and men 55 grams per day.


To Build Muscle How Much Protein is Required as a Natural and Enhanced Bodybuilder?


Now, this blog is dedicated to life time, drug free bodybuilding enthusiasts like ourselves. However, the quick answer is absolutely yes, protein absorption is much higher when enhanced. And this is due to drugs keeping protein synthesis elevated around the clock. So, protein synthesis occurs when we break muscle down from the training stimulus. Because after the session your body will utilize protein (amino acids) to repair and build more muscle tissue!

Firstly and generally speaking, protein makes up hair, nails, teeth, skin and organs etcetera. But when talking specifically about gaining muscle via strength training, proteins are the building blocks or brick men! Secondly, an individuals bodyweight and specific goals will dictate the how much bit. For example, when dieting we need more protein because we have lower levels of muscle protecting and performance enhancing carbohydrates.


To Build Muscle How Much Protein is too Little or too Much?


Too little protein and we may waste the time invested in the gym with little to no return in muscle gained. Contrarily, too much protein and the body will simply excrete it. Moreover, by lowering protein we get more performance enhancing energy from carbohydrates. Hence, yield faster personal records and muscle gains! So, as you can see, it’s important to gett the macro nutrient ratio right. And protein plays a pivotal role.



Genetics will always create differences from individual to individual, this post is here to put you in a rough ball park. In addition, start in a good safe zone and then alter your levels based on how you progress over the coming months. It could be that you require less or more protein to build muscle.


How Much Protein do I Need!

Now for the interesting part! The recommendation by industry leaders such as Dr. Brad Schoenfeld and Eric Helms is between 0.7-1 gram per pound of bodyweight. For example, at 174 centimeter’s, 175 pounds and 10-11% body fat my vessel requires 122-175 grams per day. Personally, I hover around the 0.9-1 gram per pound of body weight. I think anything above 0.85 grams per pound of bodyweight when not dieting is a fairly safe zone. For further reading on the best foods for muscle building check out our other blog! In addition, spreading your portions of protein throughout the day into fourĀ servings is recommended for best results! However, if you prefer 3 that’s fine. But research shows four is much better muscle gain return on investment. And if you go for 5 you’ll achieve slightly better results than 4 servings.


How much protein do you consume currently? Might you change that based on this blog?




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