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Do you go to the gym and constantly try out a new ‘best weight loss workout’ that you find online? And over time become very bemused as to why none have yet worked? I mean, are best weight loss workouts even a thing anyway?

It’s quite common to go to the gym, exercise hard and sweat a lot yet not seem to get remotely close to where you want to actually be. And there are many reasons why this can happen. But a big one is increased hunger from said exercise. So, if we aren’t tracking what’s going in, then our surviving physiology will out smart those basic methods. And if you feel like you are eating less than normal its very common to graze (especially the kids leftovers)!

Although this post isn’t about nutrition, it must be touched on that your fitness goals deserve a smart approach. In fact, without it you won’t achieve desired results. So, marrying both nutrition and training together promotes adherence and succeeding results.

Best Weight Loss Workout

We can hear your brain ticking over…”but if there was such a thing as best weight loss workouts what would it be?” Well, it would probably be a combination of weight lifting and HIIT training for time efficiency. This may look something like 30-40 minutes of strength training and 20-30 minutes of HIIT 3-5 times per week. But there are MANY methods of weight loss workouts and each can work well.

Muscle Building Versus Cardio

Following on, one critical aspect when it comes to weight loss is that muscle builds our resting metabolism! And this means that we burn more energy (potentially hundreds of calories a day) when doing nothing at all. So from 1-2 years of weight training, we can eat more food and not gain weight or lose more body fat on higher calories! Because muscle sucks up energy to stick around as it is more metabolically expensive! Whereas, cardio on the other hand only burns calories when we are actually doing it. So, when you stop so does the calorie burning. And although cardio can be a part of the journey, it’s often relied on solely. In addition, many will go on to burn fat but also muscle which leaves them in the end feeling like a smaller version of their beginning look (referred to as the skinny fat look).

Ladies especially, go get lifting that iron so you can drop body fat but also enhance your aesthetics simultaneously!

Here is a good post to read to take some golden nuggets from. Have a read of this blog for further knowledge on which eggs to focus on to fill up your weight loss basket!

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