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Personal Training

I have been Personal Training with Luke and following his advice and programs for years. I have built muscle, lost fat and improved my confidence lifting big weights in the gym. Whether I am unwell or away and can’t train for whatever reason I never regress in my physique. I often simply feel refreshed and ready for further advancement. This is one thing that Personal Training with Luke has helped me with. Understanding the fundamentals and enjoying my training/nutrition without the unnecessary worries.

I consistently aim to train 3 (4 at most) times a week and never over train, this way I can maintain it as part of my lifestyle. Again, due to now having a better awareness of my macros, I can have a week off if I want and my physique will remain the same!

When Luke says consistency is key, it is so true. When we are consistent we can have the occasional takeaway or day off at the weekend. 3 hours out of our week to train is nothing compared to the quality of life we get when we are fit and healthy.

Body Reach teach you how to seek balance and ensure that your fitness journey enhances your life. Don’t let your fitness journey ever consume your life!

By choosing a professional and experienced Personal Training service you get to actually take the short cut to your goals. Because any fad diets that offer unrealistic expectations or short cuts only lead to confusion and disappointment.

When you receive simplified instruction it is just a matter of time until your results come! And you won’t need endless amounts of patience because you are on the right path!

Smash it!

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