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Luke is the BEST Personal Trainer EVER!!

Although Luke is my brother…and I may be a little biased. I have never met a Personal Trainer more willing to put as much time into their job as much as Luke does. I achieved my goals effortlessly due to being educated correctly. As well as the goal specific education he always puts all his time towards the practicality and application aside lifestyle. He makes our journeys as simple, convenient and enjoyable as is possible. If your goals are weight loss or muscle building, you are in the right place! His lifestyle philosophy approach allows us all to achieve our body goals and to easily sustain them! And he is so passionate and genuinely wants to help you achieve your results.

The online Body Reach Journey will be one of the best investments you make in a group personal trainer service. And you only have to see his clients before and afters for proof! My personal story started with wanting to shed a few pounds but I soon realised that weight lifting offered the most empowered feeling, shaped my body and didn’t give me bulging muscles as so many believe it will! It also improved my fat loss results!

I became strong, more confident, more athletic and found a new hobby where I actually looked forward to going to the gym to improve my lifts each week and watch my body sculpt as I progressed them! I also love to enter the free weights area of the gym and show the men how to lift properly! It has sky rocketed my confidence and I now don’t worry about what others think because my foundation of knowledge is good! Good luck!

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