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Diet Plan

Diet Plan

A simplified; diet plan, training regime and accountability support are all you need to be successful on your journey!

When I started my journey with Luke 5 months ago I was 12 stone and had no nutritional knowledge to apply to a diet plan protocol. And i was very uncertain on what the best methods towards training were. 4-5 months later I was 10 stone 10 pounds and SO much stronger. I had newly found confidence, upgraded technique and sharper knowledge that allowed me to go to the gym without feeling an ounce of insecurity! These key factors allowed me to be consistent for the long term. And actually adhere to my diet plan so that the results just naturally happened.

Though an effective diet plan is required in order for an individual to lose weight. I want to just express that it’s much more than losing weight. The Body Reach journey has helped massively with my mental state!! I used to really struggle with self confidence before Luke’s guidance/training. In fact massively struggled, I suffered from anxiety, and mild depression. I felt really paranoid to go the gym, that I was too fat to train. But Luke made me realise that we all start somewhere, and what matters is that I showed up and I wanna make a change.

Luke’s the best Personal Trainer I’ve ever had.

I can honestly say Luke is the best PT I’ve ever had, he’s with you every step of the way always correcting my form and always changing up the routine. It helps also that he’s so easy to get along with, have good banter with which makes training with him good fun. He’s brilliant and I can’t recommend him enough. Can’t wait to keep seeing better and better results, thanks so much dude!


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