Personal Training

In order for you to achieve and maintain your results, there are three key areas in your lives that we need to address. Without these three aspects of fitness, getting where we need to be is much tougher.

1. Holistic Mindset

Having the correct mindset to exercise and key nutrition is just as important as the training itself. As personal trainers, it is our job to be an external motivation to yourself, as long as you have an internal motivation to achieve your goals. Looking at exercise and nutrition as a long term and a necessary part of your life is essential for you to reach your goals. Together, we will help you create this mindset and help you become a healthier, happier you.

2. Diet and Nutrition

Without a proper approach to food and hydration, any form of fitness training is ineffective. We need to get your nutrition correct before we can start to see the physical improvements. We understand that each person is different, and your body will respond to different things. Firstly, we start by listening to your weekly food diary. We then start to implement, take away or reorganise your food plan incrementally to better suit you and your body type.

We also understand that a lot of people can struggle with a nutrition plan as things in life can get in the way, be that work or family life. We will always come up with a plan that suits and adapts into your lifestlye, not the other way around. Our focus for your food diary is a long term change, not just for a few weeks or months, but for the rest of your life.

3. Individual Program

One of the biggest reasons people seek out personal trainers is because they are not getting the results they want. The main reason this happens is because the programme they are doing is not right for them as an individual. Unfortunately, there isn’t a ‘blanket fitness formula’ that works for everyone.

Every single person is different, and needs different programs tailoring to suit them. At Body Reach Fitness, we concentrate on each person singularly, creating programs that suit you and your body. From weight loss and weight gain to muscle toning and body sculpting. Whatever your goals may be, we will work out a programme to get you there.

Combining All Three Elements

As part of our personal training services, we bring all three elements into the person’s life, and in doing so, help you achieve your desired results. Each client who comes to us is their own individual. You have your own individual body type, strengths and weaknesses. It’s our job to identify each one, and between our team, find the right solution and program to suit each one.

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