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Do I Need A Gym?

Now this is an absolute key topic in my eyes as a Personal Trainer of a decade (I feel ancient saying that) and one that holds people back, sometimes forever! In my many years of training whether it be for sport or ‘body’building I have done both (home/gym) and always come out with benefits. The routine just has to be devised in the correct manner and adapted to your goals along with the right methods so that you don’t climb up the wrong ladder. This of course would be achieved greatly by purchasing a Body Reach fitness plan 😉 which includes nutrition and training protocols that are moulded to your life so that you can actually adhere, long term.

Many of us are insecure, let’s just say it how it is. It’s okay, its normal! We have all been there. Yes, I have too…” but you’re a Personal Trainer, Luke”. Yes, I’m also just a human being like you 😀

Why walk into a busy gym when you are at this stage of emotion or headspace AKA a complete lack of confidence? Because all you need is a roof and a body (life tends to come as a one vessel deal so you should treat it well). Literally these two assets are all you need! In the ideal world I would highly recommend a barbell (£30-£50) for best results and more variety because a lack of variety leads to boredom and the person giving up. Strength training compliments fat loss (hence the barbell) in-directly due to a higher resting metabolism, provides shape to your physique and DOES NOT build HULK muscles…unless you also use performance enhancing drugs and we definitely don’t need these!

When it comes to achieving a great physique we need a few things in order:

  1. Motivation to ignite your journey, no matter your start position.
  2. Tailored nutrition protocols (Body Reach fitness plan)
  3. A training regime that suits your LIFE (Body Reach fitness plan)
  4. Being held accountable (like our affordable Online Body Reach Journey/Community)
  5. Commitment and discipline – when those crappy days come, we still stay with routine because anyone can train when they feel good.

If the above factors are in order and you are part of a group/have an Online Personal Trainer like our private Online Body Reach Journey for example you are hugely increasing your chances of success. Being held accountable and supported by your community/Personal Trainer ensures improved consistency. I also guide you through inevitable plateau’s where I act as your SAT-NAV throughout your fitness journey which again, vastly improves the chances of you coming out favourably, not to mention the knowledge you receive which ensures you maintain your transformation, effortlessly in the future.

Forget the busy gym building, go grab a barbell and then send us an email! We are waiting to help you get in shape from your living room!

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