Weight Lifting for Female Benefits

Weight lifting for female is a topic I love! But let’s address the elephant first! Females can’t get big muscles like the hulk, unless they use a concoction of chemicals (performance enhancing drugs). Even if you did use PEDS, it’s still not possible to ‘get big’ unless you have world class human genetics which probably only 1% of the population have. So it’s a none worry!


I’ve been a personal trainer for over 15 years and have seen people do everything they can to minimise muscle and in tuern body shape. It has destroyed many people’s health as they have tried to achieve that old fashioned coat hanger look like the cat walk models back in the day. And this approach only results in dire energy levels, a gaunt look and in old age sarcopenia (muscle waste disease). Horay! Thank goodness females now have a stronger and healthier approach to their body shapes.


Touch a Weight and Turn into a Hulk?


Furthermore, I wish is was as easy as was once thought. As in, touch a weight and miraculously transform into the hulk’s mrs. The amount of times new female clients have said, “I want to learn to lift weights and be strong and toned but I don’t want big muscles”. Also, we’ve trained hundreds of ladies of which you’ll be glad to know, none turned green. But instead, achieved more curves, strength, a faster metabolism and a MORE feminine look!


Firstly, there is no such thing as a toned muscle, there is either more or less of it – what dictates a lean appearance is a lower body fat level. And getting lean requires structured nutrition targets that you can sustain in order to get your body fat levels low enough to appear ‘toned’.


Secondly, newbies don’t understand just how difficult it is to build muscle. Especially if in a calorie deficit as your body has insufficient energy. But weight lifting certainly enables females to enhance their femininity by putting emphasis on training tspecific muscles. Such as the glutes, hips and middle deltoids for examples to make the waist appear smaller – it’s all an illusion! And like a sculptor shaping clay.


Muscle weighs heavier than fat, right?

Not exactly. Muscle tissue weighs the same amount as fat, pound for pound. Same as a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. However, one special thing about muscle is it’s ~5 times smaller than fat gram for gram. And attaches tight to bones, making us look smaller (compared to fat) and enhancing our shape (think hourglass).

Conversely, fat on the other hand takes lots of space up making us appear much bigger (compared to muscle). So, when females and males build muscle they achieve a much denser, shapely, athletic and firmer look. Moreover, the complete opposite to the unhealthy skinny fat look! In addition, females can build great muscle quality but typically have much smaller frames than men, so won’t be able to look as bulky. Also, females have ~10 times less of the muscle building hormone, testosterone. Despite this, it’s a real challenge for men to build muscle, especially naturally, even with all the genetic advantages too.


High Reps and Low Weight Best?


In the intial stages of learning good technique it’s a good idea to lift lighter weight. But as your technique solidifies we must make sure the load is heavy enough to provide sufficient intensity. But don’t think lifting heavy is what might bulk you more. Because muscle grows in a wide spectrum of ranges from 6-30! Imagine a McDonald’s straw, if you were to place lots of milk carton straws inside the McDonald’s straw it would not grow in size but would become denser and firmer making it harder to bend or injure etc.


So, to frop body fat it is a very good idea to build muscle! Because more muscle tissue on your skeleton results in better fat burning due to increasing your resting metabolic rate. In addition, muscle is very metabolically expensive for the body to maintain, unlike fat. And when we start a diet, lifting weights sends a signal our body to NOT use muscle tissue as fuel and instead, fat!


Basically, the body is a survival machine and will always try to enure body fat levels are extra safe and sound. But a calorie deficit plus lifting weights tell’s the body that we need to be strong for survival too! So, the next battle (it has no idea we are lifting weights) will send strong signals to the brain to maintain/build muscle. Resulting in body fat being burned!


Weight Lifting for Female – 9 benefits

1. Faster metabolism for more efficient fat burning
2. Everyday life is easier; work, shopping, house work, playing with the kids
3. Reduced chance of osteoporosis (bone loss with age) and sarcopenia (muscle loss with age)
4. Better posture (healthier spine)
5. Lower chance of injury
6. Enhanced shape to your frame
7. Enhanced mood and stress reliever
8. Lower chance of diabetes
9. Empowers you to feel independent and strong, as women should!


I hope a weight has been lifted off your shoulders (see what I did there) and you are now filled with confidence. And are prepared to get that beach physique the right way. Then you can maintain your lower body fat levels with ease due to your speedy metabolic rate! For more information on building muscle check this blog out! And for more information on the benefits of strength training for females check this blog.


Are you a woman who lifts?


Coach, Luke

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