Workout to Build Muscle at Home

Firstly, a workout to build muscle at home is critical more than ever! To feel energized, strong, fit, and alert is key to enhance general or work productivity further. Furthermore, many of us are currently working at home through another lockdown. It’s true that looking great comes as a by product of consistency so smart planning (especially when working from home) is required from the off. Secondly, exercise improves our alertness which in turn creates better quality and quantity of work. Your boss can thank us later. In addition, the American Council on Exercise show that when we exercise blood flow is increased to the brain. And this includes a protein referred to as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Consequently, this boosts our brain and work productivity!


In Addition to Your Workout to Build Muscle at Home

Take the stairs instead of the elevator or go on a brisk walk in your break. Basically, to improve your productivity, health and body fat percentage take as many opportunities as you can to move! The vast majority of us fully appreciate the importance of health (especially now we have experienced a pandemic) and that it not only hugely enhances our daily lives but also extends them considerably too.

Exercise is often at the bottom (if that) on our to do list. But keep in mind that it will enhance your work, family, health and happiness as a whole. So, it is worth doing some form of time efficient exercise. Training from home is very common these days and for good reason – we don’t actually need a gym! Saving us time and money in the long run. Check this blog post out Do I Need a Gym.

Anyway, we thought it would be a good idea to prepare your busy office days (wherever they may be) with an adjustable dumbbell/bodyweight time efficiency workout. Always keep your dumbbells in sight so that you don’t forget to use them.


Workouts to Build Muscle at Home Requires a Body & Dumbbells

First off is to order a pair of dumbbells for around £20-30. If they are too expensive online you can visit a local Decathlon Store. This workout will take you no more than 30 minutes! A superset is where you combine 2 exercises together without rest. Once you have completed both exercises you can then take a 30-45 second breather.


Workout to Build Muscle at Home Instructions

If you’re new to exercise complete 2 sets on each superset. If you aren’t as new to exercise complete 3 sets per superset. Complete 5-20 reps on each exercise and avoid training to failure. Save 1-2 reps in the tank before you feel you are going to fall face first basically. This is known as reps in reserve (RIR). After each superset take 30-45 seconds rest.


Top Tip

Track your reps achieved on your mobile phone notes app. This way you can get extra motivation from seeing improvement or trying to beat your last effort!

Simple but Effective Workouts to Build Muscle at Home

Superset 1

Decline Press Ups (raise those legs on a chair)

Table Rows (body under the table and hands on top, row your chest to touch the table – it’s hard! Get whatever range you can manage)

Superset 2

Pistol Squats (the higher the step/chair the easier it is, aim eventually for the hips to go below the knees!)

V ups (easier version is one leg alternated at a time, harder is both legs meet the hands half way)

Superset 3

DB Lateral Raises (maintain a soft elbow)

DB Floor Flies (tap elbows down and raise again so the DB’s end up above the shoulders)

Superset 4

DB Bicep Twist Curls (keep elbows against ribs and twist pinky finger as high as you can above index finger)

Chair Dips (fully straighten arms at top and don’t use your hips)


While we do indeed lead very busy lives, we must remember that our lives are easier and more energising when exercise is included. We hope you enjoy this lunch break workout! Leave us a comment once you have done it and let us know how you found it? If you find this one helpful we can certainly create more time efficient workouts for busy people like yourself!




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