Weight Loss: Do Diet Plans Work?

In a saturated fitness market finding an effective, long lasting weight loss plan can feel confusing and might seem impossible. Body Reach has helped lots of people who have previously tried an array of diet plans, some extreme, and had initial success but put all their weight back on as soon as they stopped. Why? We feel this is due to a lack of education provided by these companies who push fads. And as the NHS mentions in this article on how to diet, the importance of lifestyle change is key to keeping the weight off.

Our strategy for weight loss is to keep it simple and make it work. Here are 5 don’ts when it comes to weight loss:

  1. Don’t set unrealistic goals and aim for 1 – 2 pound per week. This will increase the chance of weight loss being fat rather than water and glycogen stores.
  2. Don’t dive straight into an aggressive calorie deficit. Instead start by tracking what you’re currently eating using an app such as My Fitness Pal. This data will indicate if you are over eating and leading to weight gain. Or chronically under eating which can slow metabolism meaning it might need repairing by eating at maintenance for a short period of time.
  3. Don’t starve yourself. Eat in a specifically calculated calorie deficit when you are ready. This should be roughly 500 calories lower than maintenance per day, anything too extreme can be unrealistic and hard to stick to.
  4. Don’t label foods ‘syns’ or anything else that creates negative associations with it. Mental health is important and diet cultures can contribute negatively towards them.
  5. Don’t cut out any food groups in a bid to avoid a binge culture or giving up entirely because you miss your favourite food. If it’s eaten in the context of a balanced diet you can still have it.

Our mission at Body Reach is to help as many people as possible achieve sustainable results and to enjoy overall well being from a balanced lifestyle. You may enjoy this article where we discuss How to Lose Weight and Keep it off




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