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10 benefits of weight lifting for women!

Have you been considering joining that modern but mythical #womenwholift club for some time? Allow us to dispense of the myth once and for all that women shouldn’t lift metal because they will get ‘big’ manly muscles! Let us grab your hand and walk you straight through some of the initial hurdles!

It is an honour for us to have a page dedicated to this very subject as we get a lot of ladies now who come to us specifically for weight training purposes which is absolutely AMAZING! This would not have happened 2+ years ago but we have many inspiring #bodyreach ladies who lead the way on a daily basis for people like you to join and feel calm knowing you are only going to benefit from your new journey. The skinny fat look that has existed for so long is finally out of fashion!

The notion of looking at a weight and going full HULK’ESS’ is more of a fairy tale than Santa coming down your chimney. But some do still get worried at the thought of not being able to fit through doors and worry they may get and I quote “i want to learn to lift weights but i don’t want big muscles”. So we are here to reassure you that this is impossible, unless you supplement drugs, then it’s very possible…so too is a moustache and a deep voice. We have trained hundreds of ladies though now and not one of them transformed in any none humane way other than better curves and a better more feminine look.

We often hear from clients “so muscles weigh’s heavier than fat right?”. Not exactly. Muscle tissue weighs the same amount that fat does per pound. Same as a pound of feathers weighs the same as a pound of bricks. One special thing about muscle though is it is much smaller and denser than fat, pound for pound and sticks tight to the bone making us look smaller with an enhanced shape (think hourglass). Fat on the other hand likes to take lots of space up and makes us more rounded and wobbly. So when females build muscle they achieve a much denser, shapely, athletic, firmer look that gets rid of that empty skin, skinny fat look forever. Females can build great muscle quality but have much smaller frames than men do too, so they will never be able to look as bulky and also have around 10x less of the muscle building hormone testosterone. It’s a very tough job for men to build muscle (naturally that is) with all the advantages too, take it from us! So women really needn’t worry!

Should I lift for high reps and a lower weight?

Nooo! When your technique is good enough you should lift heavy! We will have you training in a variety of rep ranges but do not think lifting heavy will make you bulky! Imagine a McDonald’s straw (you’ll remember this ;)) …if you were to place lots of milk carton straws inside the McDonald’s straw it would not grow in size but would become denser and firmer making it harder to bend or injure etc.

When we want to alter body composition by burning fat we put ourselves in a much better position when merged with weight lifting. With more muscle tissue on your frame (muscle density not size) you are a better fat burning machine due to an increased resting metabolic rate. When we go into a cut or a fat burning phase we must lift weights or the body may burn our precious muscle tissue as a fuel source instead of fat and eventually give us that skinny fat look. The body is a survival machine and will try to hold onto fat stores…especially if it feels threatened by an immediate lack of food (another topic all together though) but the stimulus of weight lifting tells the body that we need to hold onto muscle as we need to stay strong to ‘fight’ the stimulus. Your body has no idea if it is weight lifting or battling a lion off, it just suspects it needs better equipment (more muscle/strength) to ensure its survival next time etc.

To finish here are 10 benefits you, as a female lifter will achieve:

1. Faster metabolism aka longer and more efficient calorie/fat burning.
2. Everyday life is easier; work, shopping, house work, playing with the kids (and kids love sky flying or being swung around in circles).
3. Reduced chance of osteoporosis.
4. Better posture.
5. Lower chance of injury.
6. Enhanced shape to your frame.
7. Stronger.
8. Enhanced mood and decreased stress.
9. Lower chance of diabetes and heart attacks.
10. Empowers you to feel independent and strong, as women should!

Was this the final straw for you, are you now filled with confidence and are ready to get that beach physique the right way, and hold it forever with ease? We look forward to working with you!


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