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What is Water Retention?

Quite simply, water retention occurs most commonly when we restrict our body of water. Other causes can be time of the month, stress, illness and high salt meals to name a few. Basically, humans are made up of around 70% water which means it’s key to stay hydrated! Furthermore, when we stay hydrated on a daily basis, we drop unnecessary water weight. Moreover, when your body knows plenty is coming in, it is happy to let extra reserves leave the body.

How does Water Retention Relate to Weight Loss?

When water retention occurs it makes the scales seem like a blooming sorcerer. No matter what we do we can’t lose anything, except our mind! Worst of all, if you’re holding extra water weight, you may wrongly assume your nutrition plan is to blame. When in fact it is working perfectly but is being masked by water retention! Ultimately, the problem is most don’t stay consistently hydrated. And when dehydration sets in, side effects such as headaches, joint aches, lethargy, dry skin and most importantly, bad breath soon follow. Your partner can thank us later!

We recommend using picture progress (every 4-6 weeks) and measurements too. In addition, tracking strength/fitness progress to watch for performance drops. For example, if you lose weight but start losing strength and don’t look better visually, this could indicate muscle loss instead of fat loss!

Top Tip

Firstly, the body can very easily mistake hunger for thirst! Secondly, out of sight out of mind so keep a bottle of water on you throughout the day! Attach a hair bobble/elastic band round the bottle and remove one when you have drank 1 litre. As a result, you don’t forget how much you have had.


What actually gets hydrated?

Our muscles, brain, digestive system, eyes, blood and joints – every cell in our body! Talk about anti ageing, who needs magic potions!!! In addition, chronically low fluid intake can potentiate a higher chance of kidney stones too. Here is a super interesting blog on all the wonderful jobs water does for us that we never have to think about!


We advise our Body Reachers upon waking to consume their first couple pints of water within 15-20 minutes. The first pint as soon as you wake or before your cofee. Moreover, by hydrating your vessel from the off it is powered up to perform at it’s best for the day! As a result, it prevents you from retaining unnecessary water weight that may make your physiques look puffy and bloated! Consequently, leading you to second guessing your fitness journey success.

In Conclusion

Drink the adequate amounts of water that your body needs and reap the health benefits whilst simultaneously staying on track with your goals! To determine the right amount of water intake per day, we simply multiply our body weight in pounds by .7 or .8 if exercising that day. For example a person weighing 180 pound would need around 126 oz (3.5 litres per day) or 144 oz (4 litres per day).


You may find our other blog post interesting on how many calories are in one pound of fat to further enhance your knowledge. Furthermore, this post leans towards scales loss and what other assessment tools are invaluable to give you the clearest picture.


Do you drink enough each day?




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