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Weight Loss Transformation

I started following the online Body Reach Journey and working towards achieving my weight loss transformation when I was 4 months postpartum. A healthy lifestyle and exercise was my passion before giving birth but I lost it all in the whirlwind of my first born. I’m sure many of you Mum’s have experienced this! My weight loss transformation journey has fitted in with my busy lifestyle. NOT the other way around which has been the difference. My diet protocols also mean no foods are banned which gives me freedom. This meant I didn’t fall off the wagon and lose all hope. Especially when I ate something that I would previously have considered to be a “naughty food”. My training is and has been super convenient throughout my weight loss transformation. This way I could do it whether my baby was awake or asleep and at home or in the gym. The online community support group has kept my motivation levels high and made me determined to succeed alongside other Body Reachers. We are all on the same journey and inspire each other to keep pushing ourselves. This journey is a lifestyle NOT a fad and I am in it for the long game now. I have absolutely loved my journey to date and the empowered feeling I have from the knowledge acquired! I am now thoroughly enjoying the shaping and strength side of training alongside my optimised energy, health and confidence! If you always seem confused and never know who to trust, you needn’t look any further than Body Reach!

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