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Myotonic Dystrophy

I had to get strong, lose weight and get fit!

Hey, I’m Rosie Walton. In February 2013 I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease called Myotonic Dystrophy (MD). This resulted in self destructive mode and eating and drinking whatever. A depressed state along with blaming the world for everything came shortly after.

I spoke to professionals about my situation to find answers and solutions but it was to no avail. But I soon came to the conclusion that I can either make the best of a bad situation or sulk. Maybe a blessing in disguise?

It was time to lose weight, get fit and build up my muscles and strength.

I did my research. It was time to get fit, build muscle, get strong and lose weight so I contacted Luke and told him everything. I instantly noticed his positive and supportive attitude. He just said OK let’s crack on, so we did.

Luke is the perfect PT for you!

Please don’t waste your time looking through hundreds of PT’s and in the end not contacting anyone due to the confusion. Me and Luke partnered up years ago and my goal to get strong is very much achieved. Along with the results from my doctor on the health of my muscles! To lose weight was one of my other goals (lost 4.7 stone precisely) as well as wanting to get fitter which I have also accomplished! There has been real lows and super highs but I’m proud of where I’ve got to and how I’m progressing and I did it even with MD!

Lose weight, get strong and feel amazing!

This is why I truly believe you can do the same no matter your circumstances when using Luke’s assistance. If I can do it, you most definitely can. I hope you’re inspired even if only a little by my journey. Now you just need to start! It’s the most difficult part. You just have to take the plunge! Then you just need to be consistent and you will look and feel your best ever. You will also thank yourself for forcing yourself to just do it!

It’s your turn! Good luck on your journey. It will be your best investment to date! 

Rosie Walton 🙂