'Reach your body goals'


Fad Free Diet Zone!

The online Body Reach journey is not your typical diet! It is the type of diet where you don’t actually feel like you’re on a diet! Crazy right!

No one person is the same when it comes to dieting. Some people like to eat meals more or less frequently. And we all have different taste preferences. It’s all about the individual’s statistics and what YOUR body needs to progress. Luke is an experienced expert and in my opinion “my hero” in providing the exact information you need to unlock success. Once you have this it’s down to perseverance, dedication and the support of the private community group and it’s leader, Luke! I am only one month in but had to leave a review. I am now already confident in how it works and am dedicated to keep the results incoming. It is 100% not a diet, it’s a lifestyle that is easily maintained through Luke’s simplified education.

I get to eat chocolate!

Yes, really! I have chocolate because I earn it and I progress nevertheless! Because I know exactly what my body requires on a daily basis so i get to enjoy ‘naughty foods’ because they are simply in my budget.


The workout programs that Luke has created and the follow along video workouts completely merge to your needs or limits. Whether you train from a gym or need convenience and train at home. I don’t go to a gym and have achieved my results from 3 x 25-30 min workouts a week. And all from the comfort of my own home using only my own body weight! Though I am going to invest in a barbell and lift weights from home soon!

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