'Don't just want the body, reach it'

Personal Training Prices

Firstly, we do a complimentary 15-20 min consult (FaceTime, gym or Starbucks depending on choice of training) whilst simultaneously merging your first PT session with the consult because the first PT session is all about me testing you on certain movements and workouts and then being able to plan your programs based on this information (your strength and fitness).

Personal Training ranges from £25-30 per 45 min session (time dependant). There is a £3.50 entry fee to the gym, or £20 pm (females) and 30 pm (males) no contract required.

You cannot arrive at your destination without a map or Sat nav!

I continue to edit these programs (to constantly further progression) of no extra cost for as long as you PT train with me. If a person leaves the area or country, there are a variety of options to move over to an online paid training package ????

We require 24-hour notice/payment prior to the session. We can then book your slot and keep it saved.

Over to you now!!

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