'Reach your body goals'


Personal Training Prices

Firstly, we carry out a complimentary 10-15 min voice chat to meet and greet each other where I get an idea of your goals/wants and you get a look in on how I work! Once we have had a chat I will then send you a form to fill out, you send the questionnaire back which I then refer to when programming your journey both in terms of training and nutrition – all balanced around YOUR lifestyle.

Personal Training is £30 per 45 min session (option to pay upfront that works out at £25 per session). There is a £3.50 entry fee to the gym, or £20 pm (females) and £30 pm (males) no contract required.

Initial Programming Payment


There will be an initial payment made that is directed towards ensuring you know what you are doing when you are not training with me. You will have structure, organisation and a great understanding in regards to; training and nutritional protocols.


You cannot arrive at your destination without a Map/Sat Nav and that is exactly what structured programming provides


You have two options:

  • The more affordable journey which is located as our home page (The Body Reach Journey). £70
  • Or a more tailored version where we adapt every facet to your exact needs & wants. £130

Cancellation Policy


We require 24-hour notice of cancellation otherwise charged and take payment 24 hours prior to the session also. We can then book your slot and keep it saved for you.


Over to you now!! 😀

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