Personal Training in the Home Environment does Offer Privacy

The benefits that personal training in the home environment (or gym for that matter) bring are great. But today many (whether training at home or the gym) use online coaching and for good reason! Because the benefits are many! However, when it comes to deciding between the gym and home training this blog may help you!


Why Online Coaching has More Benefits than Personal Training in the Home Environment


It’s much cheaper

24/7 support and guidance

Weekly check ins/video feedback

Private portal to track and organize your journey and keep everything in the same place

Daily email reminders for that days agenda

No PT diary collisions or super late/early sessions around other clients

No last minute payment cancellations

Improved training flexibility because when life is busy and you miss a session you can simply restructure the program

Better independence, knowledge absorption and habits through following tailored programming

Train anywhere and via multiple gyms when busy with work travel

Less reliance on that one magical and sickly hour with a PT to play catch up for a poor week without structure

Online coaching even includes exercise tutorials for technique work plus video constructive criticism for further refining

Due to online training you can now choose a trainer based on their quality not just because they are local

Down sides are that you have to count your own reps!


Personal Training in the Home Environment is How Body Reach Started!

We’ve had many clients that have used services such as personal training in the home environment that are now online clients. Also, personal training in the home environment was a Body Reach service many years ago after we left gyms. Of which some clients transitioned and are still with us online now! And although online coaching isn’t new it caught the attention of millions throughout corona virus lock downs. Because people realized that actually, the gym or even a 1-1 trainer aren’t requirements to success. But that investing in a little equipment (as many continue to do today), a specific plan and support are key requirements. Furthermore, structure and guidance avoids any second guessing progress or winging training which ultimately leads to quitting. So, a smart approach should be adopted whether training at home or the gym.


To be clear, we aren’t saying that there aren’t benefits to 1-1 personal training. But that as a whole there are just more benefits to online coaching! By the same token, gyms can be great but they aren’t the only pathway to your goals. Below are some benefits of home training:



Get home, train, shower, eat and get your feet up! No traffic or chatter boxes holding you up!


No waiting for machines 

The worst one of all! Being in queue position 3 for the bench press or squat rack. Or having someone stare at you like you have three heads to try and hurry you.


No anxiety for fear of being judged 

This doesn’t happen nearly as often as we probably think it does but it’s nice to train in solitude so you can switch off mentally and focus fully on the job at hand. The best way to do this in a gym is to get your cap on and earphones plugged in if you want privacy.


More confidence to try new things and improve technique 

Now this happens to both sexes but definitely predominantly females. So by training at home you can fully immerse your attention towards improving tough compound movements. Such as the squat, dead lift, bench press, bent row, overhead press, press ups etcetera.


No one year contract 

How many of us have paid for the year and then not gone for the next 11 months!? Body weight training at home requires no start up costs until you invest in some iron!


Other Benefits

You can put your own music on, cook whilst you train and even train in your underwear so you can see those gains incoming! Plus it won’t matter if you forget your ear phones or shower gel as we’ve all done before! Best of all you will never need to dry yourself with your socks because you’ll have ample amounts of towels at your disposal!


Ever tried online personal training?


For further insight into how online personal training works give this page a read.



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