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Body Reach Coach – Luke Walker

I help busy men transform their body composition in a way that fits in with their lifestyle and is sustainable for the long term. I do this by creating bespoke results-focused training and nutrition plans, based on an individual’s lifestyle and fitness goals whilst providing weekly personalised coaching/feedback videos. My approach is rooted in research and it is my goal to help men understand how to create habits that aren’t limiting and makes them feel empowered. I am a business owner (Body Reach), alongside my wife Kate, and have a beautiful daughter Sophie. I understand the problems faced by busy Dads or generally busy men who are limited on time and energy and how challenging it can be to exercise and eat well in the whirlwind that is life.

Payment Plans

We offer a choice of two payment plans with our 1-1 coaching. You can either pay £200 per month pay as you go, or pay £390 in one block initial payment, saving £210.

What Is 1:1 Online Coaching?

1:1 Online Coaching is an exciting way to offer bespoke support to anyone, anywhere. Our service is for men and women who want to change their physique, improve levels of fitness or become a healthier version of themselves. Personal goals can range from building muscle, shedding body fat or improving cardiovascular endurance. I create individualised training and nutrition plans specifically tailored to my clients goals which are tweaked or updated on a weekly basis via a weekly check-in and video feedback.


How Does 1:1 Online Coaching Work?

After you have signed up you will receive an initial check-in form. Your responses provide me with all the information and data I need to create your personalised training and nutrition programme. Your training plan will fit in with your personal preferences, whether that be body building in a gym to training at home without equipment.


My Promise

I promise to provide you with a personalised experience tailored to your exact needs. I will NOT send you a generic plan. I will be with you every step of the way, to support you, keep you accountable and guide you to transforming your body composition. My support consists of weekly check-ins, weekly personalised video feedback, 24/7 contact via text or WhatsApp, tweaking or updating your plan as you make progress and using all the data you provide regarding nutrition to make sure your calorie and macro targets are accurate. I promise to be your guide and provide you with the knowledge I have acquired from both personal practice and from working with clients for over 12 years.

Are You Ready To Start Your Transformation?

Body Reach Transformations



“I have become more muscular, stronger, leaner and have literally never looked back since!”



“For the first time in a long time I didn’t feel like I was on a diet but was already seeing better results than ever! This weight loss journey was different”.



“I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease, I had to get strong, lose weight and get fit. And I did just that with Body Reach”

Lose weight


What You Get

Personalised training plan

Bespoke nutrition protocols (calories and macros)

Weekly check-ins

Weekly video feedback

24/7 support via text or WhatsApp

Research based methods




What is the difference between online coaching and personal training?

When you are with a PT you can be pushed passed limits that you couldn’t push passed alone. But what about the other 167 hours that week without your PT? In regards to structure, support, organisation, diet strategies, and accountability check ins. Structure is more important than any Personal Trainer no matter how good they are! Online coaching definitely works out better value for money!


I lead a super busy life! Will your coaching adapt to that?

Absolutely! This is where the tailoring and close up assistance really works its  magic and allows you to finally see progress due to the dialled in specifics.


Do I have to be of a certain fitness/strength level?

Certainly not! You don’t have to be fit to start, but you have to start to get fit!


Do I need to go to a gym?

You bespoke training plan can be created for home or the gym.


Will you provide a meal plan?

No I don’t provide meal plans, this is because I believe following a rigid meal plan is unrealistic and unsustainable. I will provide you with calorie and macro targets and support you in finding a way of eating that suits the demands of your lifestyle. This way the changes you make will be lifelong and so will your results.


I am ready to start my transformation! How do I start?

Choose your option below and let’s start our partnership!


Speak soon, Coach Luke

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