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Online Group Coaching

Achieve your health and fitness goals by working with an Online Coach

Body Reach Coaches Luke and Kate Walker

We support busy men and women to transform their physique and body composition. Whatever your health or body goals are whether that be to build muscle, lose fat, become strong or improve your general health and well-being, we can help you. Our approach is rooted in research and it is our goal to help you understand how to create habits that aren’t limiting and makes you feel empowered.

We are owners of Body Reach and have a beautiful daughter Sophie. We understand how busy life can be and how challenging it can feel to exercise and eat well whilst you’re expending energy juggling the stresses of life.

How does Online Group Coaching Work?

After you have signed up through the Body Reach website, you will be invited to our private Facebook community. This will provide you access to our files section which has all the information  and documents you need to download and start your journey. This includes the nutrition spreadsheet, training programmes and check in documents. You will post an initial check-in into the community and we will support you from there!

Our Promise

You are NOT  just a number here, we care about all of our members progress. Our structure provides you with accountability through the bi-weekly check-ins and we will support you through the Facebook community. Following the Body Reach method means you don’t need to cut out certain food groups, train for hours every day or sacrifice your social life. The communities training regime is updated every 4 weeks which promotes variety, new challenge and is a great plateau buster. Members love this because it means that they complete training sessions as a team and follow each others fitness and strength results and of course, body transformations. 

How Much Does Online Group Coaching Cost?

Clicking the below tab will take you through to prices and package options.

Are You Ready To Start Your Transformation?

Body Reach Transformations

ROB PETCH “Since becoming a group coaching client I have become muscular, strong, lean, confident and have literally never looked back since!”

STEPH GRUNDY “I have not once felt restricted on this plan as it’s all about lifestyle adaptations and enjoying things in moderation”

What You Get

Monthly training programs (home or gym  programs)

Personalised nutrition protocols (calories and macros calculated via the downloadable spreadsheet)

Accountability check-ins

Community support from our other members

You Tube tutorial videos to compliment the training programmes

Access to our files section which include helpful documents to speed up your transformation


What is the difference between online group coaching and personal training?

It’s VASTLY cheaper for starters! When you are with a PT you can be pushed passed limits that you couldn’t push passed alone. But what about the other 167 hours that week without your PT? In regards to structure, support, organisation, diet strategies, and accountability check ins. Structure is more important than any Personal Trainer no matter how good they are! Online group coaching definitely works out better value for money! Personal Training is £35-50 for one (most need 2-3) session per week! Direct help is great, but strategy, understanding and structure win every time.

I lead a super busy life! Will group coaching adapt to that?

Absolutely! Lifestyle is always deeply considered so that we can realistically adhere for the long term to reap the biggest rewards.

Do I have to be of a certain fitness/strength level?

Certainly not! You don’t have to be fit to start, but you have to start to get fit! The first step is your biggest one!

Will I have to eat like a rabbit and have a boring social life?

These are old school beliefs! No more! (there it is again). You have targets but the food you love always stay so that you adhere successfully in the long term and thus avoid unnecessary binges. For example, you will have protein and calorie targets but when it comes to energy (carbs and fats) you will have lots of freedom. Thus, your social life continues because again, this keeps you happy and adhering and that is the name of the game!

Your Transformation Awaits!

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