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What are the Benefits of Fitness Coaches

The benefits of Fitness Coaches are simple, they act as the SATNAV and direct pathway to your goals without the headaches that naturally come with it going solo.


The Benefits of Fitness Coaches


Fitness Coaches provide targets, motivation and a weekly check in. Resulting in appraisal for your solid consistency or constructive feedback and solutions on your inconsistencies.



Firstly, your Fitness Coach makes your journey specific and ensures that you’re climbing up the right ladder. Secondly, the issue is the vast majority of us work hard for short bursts, not smart. Thirdly, people don’t see results (or in some cases their own biases prevent them from seeing them) fast enough and quit. Climbing up the right ladder with the right guidance is the fast track to your goals (not YOYO methods or fad diets).



Firstly, Fitness Coaches ensure that not only do you achieve your goals the healthful and sane way, but you also keep them. And enjoy them indefinitely whilst living like everyone else who isn’t ‘in shape’. Secondly, knowledge truly is power. Starvation diets? Zero ‘naughty foods’? Cut out wine when ‘dieting’? No thanks. Never agree to this unnecessary torture.


Fitness Program & Schedule

Training 7 days a week and at full capacity (as many newbies do from the off) leads to what most people regularly bump into without exercise, burn out. Fitness Coaches can spot the subtleties that many exercisers without experience miss. Adapt your fitness journey to your lifestyle, not your lifestyle to your fitness journey, this is key. The idea is to counter your stress, not add to it. Undoubtedly, training every day is unnecessary, unrealistic and can also lead to worse results.


Close Up Support

The journey will be more fun when you’re supported and have someone to lean on through the inevitable lows. Fitness Coaches give you that extra nudge or spark when life throws several curveballs. And in some cases even a week break (as we mention in this blog) with minimal targets works wonders for long term speedier progress! Ultimately, a good coach keeps you focused on the simple, effective and small daily boxes that you need to tick off to accumulate your big goal down the line. Your partner may not understand what you’re going through (because they aren’t doing it themselves) and will have their own work/life stressors to deal with.


Confidence & Time Saving

Experienced coaching means no second guessing progress. And there’s no need for hours each day of research (or in the gym) when you come across a stumbling block. The pathway is laid out for you to focus your finite energy on implementation, not waste it on problem solving.


In Summary

A high percentage of people typically rely on a gym Personal Trainer to punish them for an hour. The big issue with this is it’s just an hour. The other 6 days and 144 hours need habits and a plan in place. In addition, anybody (qualified or unqualified) can punish an individual (whether fit or not) by getting them to do just a 10 minute HIIT session with a few burpees thrown in. We must merge effort with smarts. The benefits of Fitness Coaches are basically endless. Don’t just take our word for it, read this great article by Very Well Fit about the signs of a great Personal Trainer.


What to look for in Fitness Coaches

An experienced Fitness Coach will always ensure that you have tailored training and nutrition targets prepared based on your goals. The process will include check ins with you each week (this can depend on the service chosen) and will have considered your lifestyle prior to devising your journey. They will advise you to progress not at the fastest pace possible but at the fastest pace you can sustain.


Lastly and most importantly perhaps, is that they believe in you in those times, that you do not.


Fitness Coaches,


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