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Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

So, we are Luke and Kate Walker, our role is fitness coach to our Body Reachers, we are husband and wife and have a daughter called Sophie! Furthermore, we have a passion for fitness and love helping others to experience and achieve their own fitness goals. In addition, you may be surprised to know that we are foodies, probably just like you! But when you understand nutrition properly (as we will teach you to) you can enjoy your food and achieve your goals simultaneously! Indeed, we just said that!


An Experienced Fitness Coach Understands

Firstly, we understand how difficult it is to be effective at work, look after the family and keep the house tidy. Secondly, this is where our balanced lifestyle approach to training, food and accountability comes in handy! Thirdly, read this blog on 9 ways to make time for exercise with a busy schedule to fire up your motivation. Because, we feel it important that you hear it elsewhere too! Anyway, let us now tell you what we aren’t.


Our Fitness Coach Philosophy

Following on, the Body Reach philosophy is to adapt your fitness journey to the much more important aspects of your life. A balanced, educational and methodical approach to lifestyle fitness which builds self belief (not deteriorating it further). A balance that allows you to understand that one bad day truly means nothing when it comes to achieving your goals.

Fitness Coach

Fads and Quick Fixes

The majority of our team or clients (before they arrived at Body Reach) had cycled various fads or tried to adapt their entire life to their newly adopted, overly obsessive fitness venture which in the end they of course, couldn’t sustain. Above all, are anti fad here at Body Reach!

Weigh Ins Don’t Dictate Success

Also, we aim to enhance your life physically by making you strong and more athletic. But also in regards to vitality, confidence, energy and ultimately happiness! By adapting your fitness goals to your life means they will be easily adhered to and sustained once you have achieved them. We believe in health and fitness becoming part of a balanced lifestyle, so that your results last a lifetime. Training every day until you burn out only makes you resent exercise and isn’t necessary anyway. So, as your fitness coach we make sure to put you at ease instantly and simplify the whole journey. Consequently, you end up loving the process, not feeling like it’s a chore.

You will Achieve Your Goals with a Fitness Coach

So, with over 12 years experience in the fitness industry we hope to be able to pass on to you real education which will keep you away from the fad companies forever! In addition, we care and want you to stop wasting your money, trust, will power and confidence! Furthermore, if you follow our simple philosophies you WILL achieve all of your goals, whatever they may be! Which will in turn enhance your life overall.

The Online Coaches Transformations

Finally, we hope our actions can speak louder than our words

A Glimpse into Our Journey!

Ready for your Transformation?

Furthermore, every journey begins with the first step…see you on the other side!

“Take Care of your Body. It’s the only Place you have to Live” – Jim Rohn

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