'Reach your body goals'


How was this Journey Born?

Throughout my 10-year fitness industry experience I have encountered many people who strongly sought a Personal Training experience to assist and educate them toward achieving and sustaining their body, mind and health goals. However, it has never been convenient enough, affordable (at the end of the day is considered by many to be a luxury) and certainly never as personalised without having to pay heaven and earth for it.

All that changed with the development of the Online BODYREACH Journey – an affordable, convenient and personalised experience that bridges the gaps.

Even if you don’t require convenience and have the cash you then have the issue of choosing which team to join which prevents many from even starting due to analyses paralyses. What i can say as the owner is that we are the complete opposite of companies who offer short cuts to reel you in like “drop a stone in 5 days” (not telling you that this rate of loss is very unsustainable/leads to binges or that the first 4-5 pounds of this loss will be water and glycogen) that ultimately tempt you, but always lead you into a black hole, never picking up the pieces, just the cash.

We teach you to be in control, educate you on why/what is happening, take your lifestyle into consideration, focus on the long term changes that allow you to ever keep your results and are big believers in ensuring we are always up to date with the latest research.

The epitome of our community is a lady named Danielle Ward and not just because Danielle has been very successful but because she has trusted the process, remained consistent, committed to the long term, cumulative route and this has resulted in:

  • 22 pounds of fat lost, muscle/ shape/strength gained
  • Confidence through the roof
  • Happy to wear her bikini on holiday (not killing herself by crash dieting before her holiday to then gain it all back when home as she had done in the past) for the first time in years
  • Has done this in a period of 6-7 months and all whilst putting her life first.

We focus here on adapting the fundamentals of dieting to our life, not our life having to be adapted to a diet.

Danielle said “This is the first time i have achieved fat loss success and all whilst not feeling like i am dieting”. Check out her review in the testimonial section or speak with her when you are welcomed into the Community.

I have worked diligently over the past year to create a judgement free place for bodyreachers to enjoy being part of a fitness family, an open, honest, deceive free place and to simply focus solely on being educated to stick to the only things that truly matter…the fundamentals of fat loss/muscle gain (goal dependant) partnered aside the individuals, individual lifestyle.

Here, we do not deprive you of ANY foods (ever! your fave foods stay), provide you with key knowledge, support you long term and because of this you never have to worry about losing your results when you put them back in again…because they never leave!

The reason we do not ask you to take out your favourite foods?

Firstly they taste good, why should we deprive you and wait for the inevitable binge? Secondly, when you achieve your results, how do you keep them when you put back in your favourite foods without understanding energy balance? Lastly you don’t need to take them out in order to succeed!

I hope this shows you a positive pinch about how we work and allows you some transparency on what we are about!

My goal is to help 50 members transform in 2019! We are currently at thirty seven!

Are you going to be ONE of them?



BODYREACH do NOT want people to join the team/journey who do not expect to put in the work or think that BODYREACH must do all of the work for them – a successful transformation will only be achieved through partnership working. BODYREACH want people who are serious about and dedicated to achieving their specific goals, however currently lack support, tailored structure, knowledge and guidance…not a lack of discipline to implement. BODYREACH cannot train and track food for you, but will promise to educate and relay absolutely every minutia of information that you need to succeed on your personalised BODYREACH journey.

This is NOT a fad diet, see-sawing from one unsustainable extreme to another – it’s a BODYREACH lifestyle change through partnership working. #teambodyreach

Form Assessments Feedback

Individualised exercise form feedback can be a here and there addition to your BODYREACH journey for an extra £29.99 per review where we provide technical video pointers on all your key lifts (8 moves max review). This can enable you to safely assess your foundational capabilities, understand your strength profile and ultimately develop muscle shape quicker!

3 Pillars of Success

Three BODYREACH Pillars of Success: –

  • Nutrition;
  • Training; and
  • Accountability


Why are the N.T.A. Pillars fundamentally important?


Starting your BODYREACH journey with all three Pillars in place ensures that you begin with a solid foundation – you would not construct a building on quick sand. It is easy to receive training and/or nutrition programmes, however the majority of people will not consistently adhere to them due to lack of knowledge, guidance and accountability – impacting progress/transformation. Consequently, BODYREACH have included regularly and affordable check-in protocols via the private BODYREACH community ensuring that you maintain focus throughout your transformation journey and your goals are a central part of your lifestyle now, but also in the future.


Many individuals commence their journey with bags of motivation, but all motivation is temporary and only ignites your flame, it doesnt keep it burning – when life gets in the way people quit. Our private BODYREACH community keeps all three N.T.A.  pillars supported, meaning you stay consistent, adaptable and focused, but are also inspired/influenced by other journey makers and most importantly supported making you feel very much part of your own fitness family.

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