'Reach your body goals'


Fat loss is confusing! Do not think of foods as sins. Demonising foods will build an unhealthy relationship. I have no guilt when I consume junk food with my family at the weekend over a film. And neither should you. I treat myself daily!

To achieve your fat loss goal I advise that you play in the realm of the educated. Enjoy life, simultaneously take care of sustainability and of course enhance health.

A basic foundation of goal specific knowledge goes a very long way, to the end of your goals to be exact. In addition, achieving goals has nothing to do with will power or motivation and everything to do with structure and maintainable habits. You won’t stay motivated all year and we all have a cap on our will power! Unless you’re captain America… “I can do this all day”.

To include a little junk in our lives is to simply incorporate balance and be human. Hence, let’s say that you consume an entire day of junk food but are in a calorie deficit. This means that you are under eating the amount of energy that your body requires to maintain its weight. As a consequence you will always achieve fat loss – it’s physics.

For example, If I don’t include treats, I will binge at some point. And they end game! So, consuming treats has zero impact on long term progress if you have structure and targets in place. Certainly, it is an intelligent and sane approach. Additionally, it’s a psychological boost. Following on from that, energy is energy. But if we are talking about health, we will of course, choose more nutritious wholefood sources. However, our body composition is a different story especially when protein targets are considered.

I suggest an 80/20 approach of wholefoods versus junk. As a result, you can look good, feel good, have a great relationship with food and avoid binge pot holes. Moreover, if you track everything that enters your mouth via an app like My Fitness Pal you can regularly consume treats guilt free. Because you know that you are in a calorie deficit for sure.

Importantly, junk food is packed with calories and is a lot easier to over eat. And it is typically not very filling. Due to this fact you will want to ensure your belly is as full as possible. I recommend choosing highly nutritious/low calorie density whole foods for best satiation. This will favourably improve satisfaction. To finish, a diet should always be adapted to your life, never your life adapted to a diet.

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