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Junk Food In-directly Assists Fat Loss

Yes, you heard that right! As a Personal Trainer one thing that can be frustrating is the labelling of food. When it comes to food, nothing should be a bloody SYN for starters. Demonising foods only creates a poor food relationship down the line and one that isn’t an easy fix, either.

A huge amount of the fat loss game is played in the in-direct realm that many do not consider such as a tailored Body Reach fitness/diet plan which provides consistency through structure and in turn sustainability whilst not detracting from the fun things in life because let’s be honest…we all like a little junk in our lives, and that’s absolutely okay so long as we have BALANCE in place!

It’s all about education too, for example; if you consume an entire day of junk food but are in a calorie deficit (burning more energy than you are consuming) you burn fat…so then why is it common practice to cut out certain food groups like carbs/fat/proteins or starve yourself and crash diet whilst on top of this having zero structure to your training/movement regime like a Body Reach fitness plan to ensure there is a focal point. When we lack a tailored routine we also have to eat much less food due to the lack of energy expenditure, meaning that with more movement we get to eat more food!

Keeping treats or what we deem as treats in our diet is a psychological boost and one that in-directly allows you to diet for MUCH longer because it is a diet that is tailored to YOU!

To a large degree, energy is energy. If we are talking about health, then of course we want to eat as little as we can from junk sources and soak our vessel in nutritious wholefoods BUT if we are talking about body composition which we are, we have lots of wiggle room – a little junk food will NOT hurt you or your body composition progress but allow you to develop a good balance to your life. Always go by the 80/20 rule of wholefoods VS junk as it promotes freedom and allows us to have social lives still.

Depriving yourself will highly increase the likelihood of binge eating and a failure toward long term adherence. Why risk a binge when you can look good, feel good and have a great relationship with food all whilst consuming the foods you love in…moderation?

If you track everything that goes into your mouth via an app like My Fitness Pal you can guilt free, consume treats on the daily because you are in a definite calorie deficit but keep in mind, junk food is packed with calories, easier to over eat and not very filling. Ensuring your belly is as full as possible is another in-direct assister toward your fat loss endeavour being a positive experience, hence the 80/20 rule.

As your Online Personal Trainer/educator I grant you access to enjoy consuming treats regularly enough so that you stay on plan, avoid thinking you have ‘low will power’, going insane or killing your other half in the process.

A diet should always be adapted to your life, never your life adapted to a diet.

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