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Danielle Ward

“For the 1st time in a very long time I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, but I am already seeing better results than ever! The body reach journey is a helpful, informative and affordable program, with support from Luke and other members in a closed group that are in the same boat as you. It’s easy to follow and can even do it from the comfort of your own home. You can still live your life and enjoy all the foods you love, but with the help of this program re-educate yourself. Having the check ins help to keep me on track and stick to it.”

Danielle’s Body Reach Journey to date!

Kate’s Body Reach Journey Post Baby!

Kate Walker

I started following the online Body Reach Journey when I was 4 months postpartum, a healthy lifestyle and exercise was my passion before giving birth but I lost it all in the whirlwind of my first born. My weight loss journey has fitted in with my busy lifestyle NOT the other way around. My diet protocols means no foods are banned which meant I didn’t fall off the wagon and lose all hope if I ate something that I would previously considered to be “naughty food”. Training is convenient, so much so I can do it when my baby is awake or asleep and at home or in the gym. But most of all the community support group has kept my motivation levels high and made me determined to succeed. This is a lifestyle NOT a fad and I am in it for the long game now.

Lauren’s Body Reach Journey!!

Lauren Walker

BEST PT EVER!! Although Luke is my brother…I have never met a PT willing to put as much time into their job as much as Luke. He puts in all his time and effort to make us individual plans suited for our specific wants and needs for our body’s to make them the best possible shape! He is so passionate and genuinely wants to help you achieve your results. You won’t be disappointed choosing the Body Reach Journey, you only have to see his clients before and afters for proof! 😀

4.7 stone down for Rosie on her Body Reach Journey!

Rosie Walton

In February 2013 I was diagnosed with a muscle wasting disease, Myotonic Dystrophy. I instantly went into self destructive mode eating & drinking whatever I wanted and basically being depressed and blaming the world for everything. I spoke to professionals about everything, not much came from this if I’m honest. on a holiday to visit one of my friends in Palma, I was massively hungover one day and spoilt surprise plans for my birthday celebrations. my friends instead of looking at it as i ruined the day, they arranged a birthday party for me, balloons, cake, games, the works. That’s when it clicked, I can either make the best of a bad situation or sulk. When I got home I did my research, I had to get fit, build up my muscles, get strong, so that’s what I did. I contacted Luke my pt from Body Reach and told him everything and he, with his positive and amazing attitude just said OK let’s crack on, so we did. Me and Luke have been partnered up for years where i have lost 4.7 stone, am stronger and a ‘woman who lifts’ enthusiast. I’m massively proud of where I’ve got to and how I’m progressing, there’s been incredible highs and the lowest of low moments but I got there even with MD. If I can do it, you lot most definitely can!

Rob’s super Dad muscle transformation!

Rob Petch

Enthusiastic, committed, and knowledgeable PT. Very focused and keen to help you achieve your personal goals in an enjoyable, but challenging way. I would highly recommend Luke both on a one to one or group basis.

Update (2 years later – 15.9.15)
Worth every penny, highly motivated to do the best for his clients. Gains, gains and more gains achieved under his guidance!

Update 30.4.16: Enthusiasm for and commitment to helping clients is never-ending. Personal trainer, mentor and friend. Don’t hesitate….book a session.

Steph Grundy

I have been doing this plan now for 4 months as I’d put some weight on due to an operation and I am so close to reaching my weight goal. I have not once felt restricted on this plan as it is all about lifestyle adaptations and enjoying things in moderation. This is all down to the education Luke provides on a weekly basis, giving you the knowledge to be able to fit the plan around your life. It is very adaptable and the support from the community is amazing. Luke is extremely educated in fitness and nutrition, always there to offer support and guidance but most of all dedicated to helping us achieve – all for a very very low cost it’s an utter bargain!! I’d recommend anyone to join no matter what your goals are – if you’re willing to put the work in, you will gain success here.

Steph’s Body Reach Experience thus far!

Just one months progress for Jo on The Body Reach Journey!


PS, I have chocolate because I earn it and progress nevertheless! If anyone is interested please get in touch with Luke it’s so affordable, all online only and your added to a private group with people on the same journey! I have been doing this alongside my sister Danielle Ward and her results are bloody amazing!”.

Jo Poole

This is a big thing for me as I am the most body conscious person! But just want to show you the difference Luke Walker PT has made in only 8 weeks! With his knowledge and personalised plan I have managed to change my mindset, the way I eat and train to see these results and it’s bloody easy to do! Eating foods I like and working out at home with just my body weight. No one person is the same.  It’s all about the individual’s statistics and what your body needs to progress – Luke is trained and in my opinion “my hero” in getting exactly all the information you need to succeed – once you have this it’s down to perseverance, dedication and the support of the group. It is 100% not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. 

Before / After

Vanessa Brown

“I started my journey with @bodyreach in May last year I was 12st and now 10.10st.

I want to just express that’s it’s much more than losing weight. It’s helped massively with my mental state, how before training I really struggled with self-confidence in fact massively struggled, I suffered from anxiety, and mild depression. I felt really paranoid to go the gym that I was too fat to train. But Luke made me realise that we all start somewhere, and what matters is that I showed up and I want to make a change.

I can honestly say Luke is the best PT I’ve ever had, he’s with you every step of the way always correcting my form, always changing up the routine. It helps also that he’s so easy to get along with have good banter with which makes training with him good fun, he’s brilliant can’t recommend him enough and can’t wait to keep seeing better and better results… thanks so much dude ??

Before / After

Alice Parr

“I have been training with Luke and following his advice and programs for around 18 months now. I have built muscle, lost fat and improved my confidence lifting big weights in the gym. I have been ill this week so I have had five days off training/diet to recover, and guess what? I feel better and nothing has regressed in my physique! Because I have consistently trained 3 times a weeks and have had an awareness of my macros for the last 18 months, I can have a week off if I want and my physique will remain the same. When Luke says consistency is key, it is so true. When you are consistent you can have the occasional takeaway or day off at the weekend. 3 hours out of your week to train is nothing compared the quality of life you get when you are fit and healthy. So when you can’t face training, put your game face on and plough on through because it will pay off in the long term. I have screen shot a work out I use when I cba, it only takes about 20-25 mins.”

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