'Reach your body goals'


Who Am I?

Hello and thank you for crossing paths with Body Reach!!! I am Luke Walker, coined Sky Walker by most!

How I became a Personal Trainer

I have always been sporty so it made sense to help others live a more active and healthy lifestyle. Health is definitely wealth!

For 5-6 years I worked in Gyms such as; Fitness First, Lifestyle Fitness, DW Sports and the like, where I gained my real world experience. I then built a home training business (due to gyms charging mortgage rate rent fees) which was great because it was private but it had its downfalls due to traffic and demands on time slots. A couple years after this I brought the gang to Reps Gym.

I had a bigger goal however which was to further Body Reaches reach and not be a prisoner to my post code. I wanted to have more of an impact globally. The Online Body Reach Journey now has international clients and is growing and improving by the day.

My 5 year transformation

33 Pound Transformation

I dieted from May-October in 2019 and gained from the trenches experience about human physiology and the impact hormones have on you at low body fat levels. I also learned a lot about myself. I now plan on putting all of my focus toward helping people like you transform!

Ready for your Transformation?

Every journey begins with the first step!

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