'Reach your body goals'


Who Am I?

Hello and thank you for crossing paths with Body Reach!!! I am Luke Walker, though MANY people coin me Sky Walker , no idea why…

How I became a Personal Trainer

I have been a Personal Trainer now for a decade and due to my active sporting lifestyle, it was a very natural career path for me to take. I instantly developed a deep passion in regards to helping others to experience what I had. Health is wealth and is something that cannot be bought, after all.


I have worked at Fitness First, Lifestyle Fitness, DW Sports and the like which is where I gained all of my real world experience. Shortly after this 5-6 year period, I built a home training business (due to gyms charging mortgage rate rent fees) which was great because it was private but due to traffic and demands on time slots it wasn’t practical, long term. At this point I brought all of my home train 1-2-1 Personal Training clients to Reps gym!


I had a bigger goal however which was to further my reach and not be a prisoner to my post code! I wanted to build an online Personal Training business (affordable and a more luxury service)! This is where we are at now and we are growing by the day!! 😀

My Personal Philosophy

To lead by example by doing my best and improving myself every day in all aspects of life whether that be toward my role as a father, husband, Personal Trainer, bodybuilder or human being. In life, all we can do is our very best. I lead and teach others to simply have a growth mindset because I believe this takes all the unnecessary stresses away and allows us to focus on constant and never ending improvement – not being better than fellow humans or leading with ego. In my opinion for most of us mortals, ego takes away our enjoyment and creativity.

I believe that all Personal Trainers must walk the walk so that when the online Coach’s client comes across adversity (which is inevitable) whether it be mental or physical, the Personal Trainer can provide you with the best advice based on real world experience.

My 4 Year Progression

I started out with a slim footballers physique but had always enjoyed a bit of weight training here and there (mainly circuits). I developed a goal of wanting to build muscle, feel strong and confident in myself. I also love weight training for the mental feel good hormone release that it never fails to provide post session!

My 33 Pound Transformation

It was an invaluable journey and one I plan on improving further in a couple of years time. I dieted from May-October in 2019. I now plan on putting all my energy toward focusing on helping people like you transform!

Are you ready to start your journey and reach your full potential?

Your story awaits it’s unveiling!

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