Our Happy Customers

After suffering a slipped disc some years ago and walking stooped because you are terrified the same thing will happen again, Luke has helped me strengthen my core muscles, so that my back is not my major angst any more, I walk more confidently and feel stronger.
A weekly session of coaching, out of my hectic work schedule is worth it as the results are amazing, Thank you Luke

Carol Wilson

I am 38 yrs old and have an under active thyroid, for which I take medication. I also have no use of my right wrist or fingers.

I was beginning to get very disheartened both with my weight (flabby belly) and my inability to function properly, due to the lack of function with my hand. I found Luke on the Internet five weeks ago and he has changed my life!! He is amazing at what he does, he has not only motivated me and given me hope, but he has adapted all the exercises (both in our one to one sessions and also at his boot camps) to enable me to work out regardless of my disability. Don’t get me wrong it’s been hard work (but fantastically enjoyable too) I lost 1% body fat and 6.9 inches in my first 4 weeks!! As you can imagine I am over the moon! My body is changing by the week and I feel amazing!

Luke also designed me a nutrition plan, to help with weight loss and muscle building. It’s not a diet! It’s a life time change towards food and I can honestly say, I have never been hungry! I feel satisfied and never, sluggish and bloated like I used to! I am just an ordinary mum of three, who is no longer a spring chicken, but with Luke’s help, motivation, exercise plan, boot camps, nutrition plan and support I feel good again!

I work out three hours a week and if we were all honest we can all fit that in!

If you are fed up with your current self? Change it! Take the plunge, pick up the phone, come and join us all at boot camp! You’ll love it!! These are my own words and totally true!! Hard work? Ooooh yes! Fantastically fun? Ooooh yes!! Amazing results? Ooooh yes! Thanks Luke from me to you. You saved me from myself and you’re changing my life! Don’t know what I would do without you!

Michelle C

“When I decided to join the gym I knew that my biggest challenge was always going to be motivation; to combat this I enlisted the help of Luke Walker as a one to one personal trainer. With Luke’s help, we determined my individual training goals and set about devising a workout routine that aimed to achieve those goals. Not only did Luke devise a structured workout routine, he also offered invaluable advice on diet and suitable supplements. Luke is committed to ensuring you hit your goals and will go out of his way to find the right supplements and the right training methods that work for you. When you feel like giving up or need that little extra motivation for the last few reps, Luke is on hand to push you all the way. In the short time that I have been working with Luke I have already seen great improvements in my strength and muscular endurance. I can honestly say that without Luke’s help I would lack the focus and motivation to reach my exercise goals.”

Ben H

Luke Walker has been my PT for about 18 months now, when I first started working out with him I was very unfit, now I look forward every week to him coming. Luke inspires me. With his new routines and his love for being a fit and healthy person, he pushes me to what he knows I can achieve, which is great as I never want to let myself or him down, the session goes so fast and I feel so much better after seeing him, I have managed to lose 2 stone since I started seeing Luke and my fitness levels have soared, overall Luke is a fantastic, dedicated and inspiring PT, who I also consider as a friend, all I can say is if you want to get fit, lose weight and have fun at the same time then Luke Walker is who you need!

Victoria Mchugh

Such a good trainer! Helped me to get into shape over the summer as I had no idea where to start. Done loads of different workouts and also got a training program so that I can continue to train in my own. This also has good advice on what foods to eat to stay healthy. So easy to get along with and I’ve really enjoyed it, thanks Luke!

Emily Haworth